Yunnikova, who left so early, and childless Stashenko.  The cruel fate of the stars of the series "Return of Mukhtar"

Movies and TV shows featuring dogs are a win-win story. Such projects are loved by audiences of all ages, and “Lassie” and “Commissar Rex” are the best confirmation of this. In 2004, a Russian TV series was released on NTV about a loyal comrade named Mukhtar, who helps police investigators.

Suddenly, the success of the project was so impressive that the writers and producers began filming one season after another. For 15 years, “The Return of Mukhtar” gathered hundreds of thousands of viewers at the screens. But not all of them knew what dramas take place in the personal lives of their favorite actors outside the set.

Alexander Nosik

Alexander was a popular actor even before filming in the TV series The Return of Mukhtar, but then his popularity literally skyrocketed. Hundreds of female fans went crazy over the artist, although he tried to control himself without destroying the image of a decent man. At the same time, serious passions raged in the artist’s personal life, then and after.

Nosik was in a serious relationship several times: his romances lasted for years, but never ended with weddings. Alexander went to the registry office only in the fall of 2011: his chosen one was a copyright specialist named Olga. It seemed that the lovers were really happy with each other, but when the singer Anastasia Krainova appeared on the horizon, Nosik simply could not resist.

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“We had a relationship, but we didn’t meet for very long. In fact, then he no longer lived with his wife, they simply were not divorced. And it all started! “How could she take a man out of the family …” Although my principle is not to meet with married women. We didn’t want to advertise our relationship, but they caught us – and away we go, ”Krainova said in an interview for Sonya Kuzmina’s YouTube channel.

One way or another, this novel did not last long. After parting with Anastasia, Nosik stopped commenting on his personal life. Until the 50-year-old actor married again and became a father. For a long time there were rumors that Alexander could not have children. And although the actor categorically denied these speculations, they are still multiplying on the Web.

Natalia Yunnikova

The charming Natalya Yunnikova, who played the role of Vasilisa Mikhailova, immediately attracted the audience. It seems that all the fans of the series sympathized with her character, without even guessing what hell the star had to go through. In her youth, Natalya faced both poverty and rape. While studying at a theater university, she was abused by another student from the directing department. What happened was a shock for Natalia and almost ruined her life.

The marriage with Anton Fedotov also did not stand the test of strength

The marriage with Anton Fedotov also did not stand the test of strength

Then beloved Anton Fedotov was able to save the girl from sad thoughts. From him, the actress gave birth to her only son, Roland. Popularity did not come to Natalya immediately: for many years she had to cope with modest earnings, but casting for the series “The Return of Mukhtar” changed everything. For six years of filming, the artist managed to gain both financial independence and success with the public. But Yunnikova was afraid to be forever stuck in the image of Vasilisa. In addition, on the set, she fell in love with a colleague, but the relationship turned out to be extremely painful.

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“Once I sat down on the windowsill, looked down from my 11th floor and thought:“ Why live if he doesn’t need me? ” And at that moment, the voice of his son came from the corridor. It was as if a cold shower was poured over me – she immediately went down to the floor. Roland saved me. As I later scolded myself: you have to be a finished person in order to admit at least the thought of suicide, ”the star shared.

The last time on the screens Yunnikova appeared in the TV series

The last time on the screens Yunnikova appeared in the TV series “Kitchen”

After that incident, Yunnikova decided to leave the popular series forever. The actress was sure that she could continue her creative career, but the directors did not see potential in her. Unsuccessful castings replaced each other, the money ran out, and as a result, Natalya had to get a job as a seller. But the worst was ahead: in September 2017, the artist suddenly lost consciousness and hit her head hard. After hospitalization, Yunnikova was diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage. Since the condition was serious, the doctors decided to introduce the star into an artificial coma, from which Natalya never came out.

The death of the artist shocked not only the fans of the series “The Return of Mukhtar”, but also those who were not familiar with the artist’s reincarnations. Indeed, the talented and popular Yunnikova was only 37 years old. Now the father is raising her son. Anton Fedotov tries not to comment on the tragedy, protecting the heir from the hype around the tragedy.

Alexey Moiseev

Alexei played in the series “The Return of Mukhtar” from the third to the eleventh seasons, becoming one of the main favorites of the audience. Fans associated the artist with the character, considering him a sincere and honest person.

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Imagine their surprise when, in 2019, dirty details from the actor’s personal life surfaced. It turned out that Moiseev left his wife for a young mistress. Soon, the new darling of Alexandra became pregnant, but a DNA test confirmed that the child’s father was not a popular actor.

For Moiseev, all these shocks came as a shock. By some miracle, he was able to beg forgiveness from his wife and returned to the family. It was only soon that another person announced the pregnancy from the star of The Return of Mukhtar, who was also quickly exposed. All these twists and turns negatively affected the actor’s reputation. Of course, now he continues to act, but his image among fans has noticeably deteriorated. Alexei himself increasingly complains that he is tired of monotonous roles in crime series.

Sergey Romanyuk

Sergey Romanyuk

Sergey Romanyuk

Sergei Dmitrievich is literally a legendary artist who worked mainly on Ukrainian projects. Despite the fact that the actor appeared in only a few episodes of The Return of Mukhtar, fans remembered and loved him. Therefore, the news of the death of Romanyuk was even more shocking.

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The actor died unexpectedly on March 3, 2019 in Ivano-Frankivsk. What happened was a shock for many of Sergei Dmitrievich’s acquaintances, because he never complained about his health. “Despite his age, he was full of energy and plans. I was preparing for performances with the New Theater and could give odds to any young man, ”said the mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk.

And while some fans tried to find out the cause of the star’s death, others began to speculate about the possible curse of the series “The Return of Mukhtar”. Now Romanyuk is remembered mainly in the context of a popular project, although there are many other bright roles in his filmography.

Oksana Stashenko

Oksana stayed in the series almost longer than all her colleagues: her Jeanette appeared on the screens from the first to the eleventh seasons. During such a huge period, the heroine experienced dozens of personal and professional shocks.

As it turned out, Stashenko’s personal life was no less intense. The actress got married six times and in addition had several serious affairs. During long love failures, the star faced both domestic violence and infidelity. At some point, she stopped believing in ideal men, but meeting with the current chosen one Vlad changed everything. The spouses have been happily married for more than 10 years, regularly talking about their feelings.

Stashenko’s only unfulfilled dream is the heirs. At 55, the actress continues to dream of children, although she rarely talks about the innermost.

Taras Melnichuk

Taras played a small role in The Return of Mukhtar. Then, back in 2012, the artist was just starting his career, so he grabbed literally any work. Later, many worthy pictures appeared in Melnichuk’s filmography, but the career path was interrupted after a terrible diagnosis was made: back in 2015, Taras was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.

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The actor decided not to give up and took up the fight against the diagnosis. Colleagues helped Melnichuk raise funds for treatment in Israel, and local therapy even yielded results. Only they turned out to be short-term. In 2018, the actor’s condition deteriorated sharply, and a couple of weeks before the New Year, the artist died at the age of 27.

Then the fans literally flooded Taras’ relatives with condolences. The close ones of the actor admitted that he did not lose hope of recovery until the last, believing in a happy future.

Alla Nazaryeva

The sex symbol of perestroika also starred in The Return of Mukhtar, and she worked on the series for about five years. However, fans remember the star not for this role, but for her candid tapes of the early 90s. Then Nazaryeva was called the Russian Bridget Bardot.

Of course, there were legends about the star’s novels, but all her life she was faithful to the only man – the director Alexander Polynnikov. The lovers were separated by an age difference of 28 years, but they themselves were not embarrassed a bit.

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Nazarieva and Polynnikov are still together. But the spouses never had children in marriage. For a long time, Anna thought about IVF, but did not dare to undergo the procedure, since it contradicts her Orthodox beliefs.

Now Nazaryeva is faced with an even painful tragedy – oblivion. Since 2016, the star has not acted in films, and viewers rarely remember her. “Now I have a difficult period. I starred in the film “The Godmother” and since then I play only in entreprise performances. But I believe that the directors have not forgotten about me. Although the age is already quite solid, ”the actress shared a couple of years ago.

Vladimir Zlatoustovsky

The evil rock of the series “The Return of Mukhtar” affected not only the actors. In 2019, fans were shocked by the news of the death of director Vladimir Zlatoustovsky, who had been working on a criminal project for over 10 years! Relatives emphasized that the director remained vigorous until the last days of his life and made plans for new filming.

In addition to working on The Return of Mukhtar, Vladimir Borisovich was known for starring in the legendary Officers and recording the main composition for the film. Of course, many actors of The Return of Mukhtar brought condolences to Zlatoustovsky’s relatives, who emphasized that for them the director was a teacher and mentor.

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