Yolanda Diaz: "We have a PP absolutely kidnapped by Vox that is damaging our country"

The third vice president of the Government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, visited this Tuesday Nice good to discuss, among other things, the latest developments in his ministry. From its labor reform to the law rider. Also on the controversy surrounding the latest statements by also Minister Alberto Garzón in The Guardian, in which it assured that the meat produced in macrofarms is “of poorer quality”, “contaminates” and also uses “practices of animal abuse”.

A few words harshly criticized by both the politicians and policies of the Popular Party and Vox, on whom Yolanda Díaz has now spoken. After assessing the escalation of tension in Congress in recent years, the Vice President of the Government has come to the conclusion that people are much more open to dialogue than when they speak from their seats. In fact, he acknowledges having a good relationship with leaders of the Popular Party such as Pablo Casado or Teodoro García Egea, among others.

“The right does not have a problem with the government, it has a problem with its country”

However, when it comes to defending the ideals of the party against other political formations, things change. After Manuel Burque asked her about a possible theatricality of politicians and policies that was damaging democracy, Yolanda Díaz has assured that what is really hurting Spain is a right that does not measure up to the nation : “The right does not have a problem with the Government, it has a problem with its country. We have a People’s Party absolutely hijacked by Vox that is harming the people of our country.”

Despite the fact that Yolanda Díaz admits that she loves to discuss politics, especially with those people with whom she does not share the same ideas, she assures that these formations are not proposing anything: “The only thing I know is shouting and insults. When someone does a lot The noise is that they have no political proposals. ” For the same reason, and due to the mutation of the party now led by Pablo Casado, politics ensures that the Popular Party that he knew is no longer there.

“I don’t know what the PP thinks, I’m not going to tell you Vox”

She acknowledges that she never got to deal with the old guard of the Popular Party because, at that time, she was not in Congress. However, it is missing that the formation of the right presents its own proposals and that it defends them beyond the shouts to which it is accustomed today. After recognizing again that she loves to discuss politics with people who have different ideas, Yolanda Díaz has highlighted the figure of Carles Campuzano. A person with whom he loved to argue even though he was not from the left: “He is a man who does not think like me but has proposals and tells you where the difference is.”

Something that he recognizes that he is missing in Congress, where he considers that the proposals of the different political parties have been put aside: “I don’t know what the PP thinks, I’m not going to tell you about Vox. For that same reason, the Third Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy acknowledges that she would like the tables to turn in Congress.

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