When Ayuso was married

Without proposals, without leadership, fertile ground for the growth of Vox. This analysis that we hear today about Married is traced from the one that just two years ago, in the 2019 elections, you heard about the candidate Isabel Diaz Ayuso. The same people who place her as the only hope for the PP mercilessly disqualified her in her first campaign. The one in which the baroness had no other curriculum than to be a friend of the leader of the PP. By then his ‘mistakes’ were aired and his ‘witticisms’ made fun of. No one listened to their proposals, only their limitations were underlined. When Ayuso came to the government, everything changed. It was shown that, whether they shared or hated his proposals, he had a very well-armed project for the Community of Madrid. He knew how to manage and had more than enough limbs to dedicate himself to politics. The rest did Miguel Angel Rodriguez, the one who has already forbidden Aznar drink Coca-Cola so as not to offend the producers of Ribera de Duero. How good it would be for Minister Garzón that someone would have advised him to eat a good veal from Ávila before 13-F.

The great change in Ayuso and its perception for the voters of the center right has been to govern. That is what Casado lacks. The rest he has and even more than enough if he is compared with some of his contemporaries. The leader of the PP speaks, but is not understood or is not wanted to understand. I interviewed him a few months ago and, as they would say of Fraga, has the State in the head. So much so that he demands that they let him lock himself up with only six bulls in the plaza. He is not looking for Vox’s crutch in Moncloa because, at least on paper, he has an ambitious plan for Spain. If it comes, reality will prevail. A colleague hardened in this of the presidential ones pointed out to me that Casado knows everything except doing politics. And that is the key in the society in which we live, in which a populist party like Vox is on the rise. Politics is not valued ‘per se’, but rather ‘doing’ is imposed. Here Married is not comfortable. As a good man from Palencia, he is austere in form, restrained in expression, timid in oratory and, when he comes from a family of doctors, rigor is almost inherited. It is carried in the blood.

Married (finally) hits the key

Nacho Cardero

When Casado spoke like Pablo —he copied that split of the leader’s personality from Carmen Calvo– it was very different. He transmitted much more and that is why he was chosen by someone who also knows a lot about this, Jorge Moragas, to be a revulsive in the PP of Rajoy. The one longed for by the same mourners on the right who saw him as too “soft”, “anodyne” or “rough” depending on the time of day. Casado was the Deputy Secretary of Communication, the friendly smile of a party burned by corruption cases that he ended up inheriting along with the rictus of Genoa street. Since he prevailed in the primaries in which the “killer dolls” were stabbed, as he called Federico Jimenez Losantos a Soraya Y Cospedal, Casado’s mood is not the same. There is no longer a ‘little boy’ behind yellow glasses. There is a president without a government.

The cluster questions that the leader of the opposition throws Sánchez in the control session show that he lacks street, instinct or intuition, but not books. He has presented a Health plan to reinforce the Public Health Law in the face of the pandemic, bonuses of 100% of the Social Security quota for the self-employed, a tax cut of more than 10,000 million, legal reforms to be able to kick out the squatters in less than 12 hours, a 20% drop in the electricity bill, Spanish for vehicles throughout Spain … I’m sure you’re getting bored or you’ve already lost yourself, but this is what you have politics without the verb ‘do’, which is more tedious. We know, yes, democracy is boring, but bless it. If Casado arrives at Moncloa, those who now mock and ask for his relief they will say that he is even charismatic.

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