What is better to wash your face with cold or warm water?

Wash your face It is part of personal hygiene, but you must know how to wash it correctly and how many times a day to improve the appearance and look jovial and with a beautiful complexion.

To wash your face correctly use warm water this will help you open the pores, avoid using water that is too hot or cold, as it could irritate the skin.

When you wash your face you should pay attention to regulating the temperature of the water, because if you do it with very hot water you will irritate and redden the skin.

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If, on the other hand, you do it with cold water, sudden changes in temperature will destabilize the defensive barrier of the skin, losing more moisture than recommended. Therefore, when you wash your skin we recommend that you do it with warm water or room temperature.

One of the benefits it brings wash your face with cold water is that it activates circulation and helps prevent acne. However, using water at a low temperature can cause the face to dry out.

The mild glycerin soap that you can find in any supermarket is useful for sensitive and normal skin. Neutral soaps too. If you have acne skin, there are specific soaps with clay or sulfur that can go very well for you.

According to the dermatologist, Susana Sil, the ideal is wash your face with water in time or warm water. This temperature should be approximately 30 ° C, that is, it is warm, but leaning more towards the cold.

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Steps to wash your face at night

First take a few cotton pads and apply almond oil or coconut oil to them. These two oils go very well with the pH of the skin. Once your face feels smooth, use a foaming gel soap, hopefully with natural ingredients.

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