VIDEO.  Chronic lack of water: users are growing fed up

Thousands of residents of the region described as “inexplicable” having to go through a heat wave like the one that began to be felt yesterday and living without a drop of water. Among the most critical areas are Tolosa, Ringuelet, San Carlos, Frisón neighborhood and Punta Lara.

Already anticipated by the Meteorological Service, the extreme heat with maximums that will be close to 40 ° C, will extend until Sunday. The news increased the concern of the neighbors for what they live like an ordeal: the lack of water.

In some cases, users reported low pressure and in others they reported a total cut off of the service.

In 6 bis, between 617 and 618, Frisón neighborhood, it was indicated that there are areas that have been practically without water for about 20 days. “My billing unit is 192 7775, since December 20 I have been with complaints, but now there is no water at home since Sunday,” said Sandra Chávez, one of the neighbors with service problems.

One of the issues that angered her the most was that no one ever went to check the installation to determine the service problem.

“I have had dirty clothes for two weeks or I am forced to wash at dawn. There are days when I go to work without sleeping, that is my situation due to the lack of water, “added the neighbor.

On 31 and 77, in Altos de San Lorenzo, they assured that for ten days “there has not been a drop of water.” “We don’t know who to call. I have a son with different abilities and it is also a neighborhood with great people. It’s crazy, “said a neighbor in the area.

A similar claim was registered in 136 between 34 and 35, in San Carlos. There it was stated that “since December 23 we have been without water.”

Something similar expressed the people of 139 and 46, “since Christmas we have low pressure or directly without water.”

The problem due to the lack of water also affected residents of Punta Lara, in Ensenada, precisely in the area of ​​144 and Costanera. “There is not a drop of water in the network service. It is exasperating for us, having the river from which the liquid is extracted here close by ”, they commented.

In turn, they complained about the low pressure on the 117 and 600 user taps in Villa Elvira. However, they argued that the problem extends, at least, to 604.

“What are we going to do these days of heat wave. They are crazy. They have to solve the water issue, ”said a user who identified herself as María.

And he added: “What do we do with the boys and grandparents. We take care of each drop as if it were gold. We can’t even bathe. We want the water now. They say there is no water and we see losses everywhere. The company is a disaster, it does not move its fingers ”.

In this context, neighbors affected by the drama of the lack of water called a protest for today at 12, in front of the ABSA offices, at 7 between 57 and 58.

The slogan with which they will be mobilized and spread through the networks is: “Enough of cuts, water is an essential right.”

In 514 between 3 and 3 bis, the neighbors indicated that they only have some water in the early morning, but it was cut off before 9. “In 2021 we were without water for five months and now we have almost nothing since before the holidays”, said Gladys, another neighbor affected by the “drought.”

Tolosa is another of the critical neighborhoods in terms of the provision of water and yesterday many people denounced that the little that came out at times was rust colored. This was expressed by street fronts 5 between 530 and 531.

But the problem affects beyond those blocks. According to surveys made by neighbors through the networks, it affects from 122 to 31 and from 532 to 520, in those sectors there is no or the pressure is so low that water does not rise directly.

As the condition is not new, last year presentations were made at the Water Authority, before the Ombudsman and all the documentation was even presented in the Justice and a precautionary measure was ordered for Absa to provide water to the neighbors .

“The deadline was 48 hours and it expired on Friday, with no news from the company,” said Eduardo, a neighbor who is in charge of the claims.

People demand that the company at least provide them with water through tanker trucks and jerry cans.

The company reported that there is an excessive demand for the resource, but that there are no specific events that cause the shortage.

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