USA: Transfrau verliert bei Damen-Schwimmwettbewerb gegen Transmann

11 Jan. 2022 20:09 o’clock

A man who identifies himself as a woman after hormone therapy and a woman who has had her breasts removed and is currently switching to male sex: These two competed against each other in a women’s swimming competition over the weekend. The female athlete won.

Lia Thomas, a trans woman from the University of Pennsylvania who broke several swimming records after her transition from man to woman, lost in an Ivy League competition on Saturday. The winner is Iszac Henig, she is also a transgender athlete.

Henig was born a woman, but wants to go on living as a man. She is still allowed to compete in the women’s squad because she has postponed her hormone treatment to end her swimming career as a woman. However, she already had her breasts removed. In the future, she wants to complete her sex reassignment surgery to become a man. According to media reports, she came out in front of coaches and teammates in April 2021. After the race, the 20-year-old pulled down the top of her swimsuit, which stunned many parents. “Everything is mixed up. I can’t imagine it. The National Collegiate Sports Association (NCAA) has to do something about it. You have to include science in the decision-making and discussion,” said one parent who wanted to remain anonymous Daily Mail. Another said, “A man just destroyed the women’s team.”

Thomas, who had always been ahead in several previous races, had come out as transgender in 2019 and was entitled to switch from the men’s team to the women’s team. The Ivy League had publicly supported Thomas. The organization stressed that the 22-year-old had followed the rules set by the NCAA and had received hormone replacement therapy for the past two years. But her participation as a woman sparked controversy in society about whether she was even allowed to compete after the move. “A couple of years of testosterone blockers and a little estrogen doesn’t change the fact that a woman has stronger muscles, a bigger heart and a larger lung capacity than a woman,” said Erika Brown, two-time Olympic medalist in swimming.

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