Two LAPD officers are expelled after ignoring robbery to hunt Pokémon

Los Angeles Police Officers Louis Lozano y Eric Mitchell They were fired in 2017 for ignoring an ongoing robbery to try to catch a Snorlax in the Pokémon Go video game. This is how the court documents on this story published last Friday, in which the details of an operation in which both decided to ignore their superiors to be able to hunt a difficult-to-find Pokémon in the famous video game have been released.

As these documents collect, it all started with a robbery at a Macy’s chain store located in the Crenshaw Mall in Los Angeles. After receiving a call for help from the people inside the store, a supervisor of the patrol tried to contact them to intercept the theft. However, despite calling them on several occasions, Lozano and Mitchel never answered the call.

They ignored a distress call to hunt down a Snorlax

Since they both ignored the call from their superior, he contacted a second patrol, who ended up leaving the scene of a homicide to respond to the call for help. Despite the fact that agents Lozano and Mitchel were in the vicinity of the mall, they decided to go back down an alley and wander off in order to hunt a Pokémon.

Something that can be verified thanks to a later investigation, in which it can be seen how Mitchell and Lozano ignored the theft before the appearance of the Pokémon. After consulting the cameras installed inside the vehicle, those responsible for the investigation found that both began to talk about a Snorlax that had just appeared on 46 with Leimert. After identifying this Pokémon on their mobile phones, both drew the perfect route to hunt it in the shortest possible time to be operational as soon as possible.

“The boys are going to be jealous”: the cameras recorded the agents while they hunted Pokémon

For the next 20 minutes, the two of them were talking about the different Pokémon that appeared around them. At one point in the recording, Mitchell alerted Lozano that a Togetic had just appeared near them, in reference to another Pokémon. After capturing Snorlax, as noted in the recording, they both went after Togetic: “The boys are going to be jealous.”

Several years after being expelled for deliberately abdicating their duty to assist a commanding officer in response to an ongoing robbery for playing Pokémon, they both asked to be readmitted to the body on understanding that the Los Angeles Police Department violated your privacy by listening to your conversation. However, the defense claimed that playing Pokémon Go while on the job and ignoring a distress call was much worse, resulting in both of them being fired from the body.

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