The right wing is silent in repeating a lie as many times as necessary

Hi, good morning. The Government has put its foot in a puddle and instead of removing it discreetly, it seems that it is sinking it a little more every day. The origin is the statements of Minister Alberto Garzón to The Guardian newspaper about the macro farms and the quality of the meat that Spain exports, the interpretation and use that the right and the far right are making of these words, turning part of them into a hoax, the disavowal of Garzón, yesterday on this program, by President Pedro Sánchez, who described the episode as regrettable, and the support of Vice President Yolanda Díaz for his minister.

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In short, an episode whose origin is some statements that someone was in charge of rescuing from the newspaper library, because they are not even recent, which has become a new rift between the Government’s coalition partners that open 2022 like this, reliving frictions that seemed to be from last. In an hour and a half there will be a Council of Ministers, so all the protagonists of the incident will face each other. Yesterday Pedro Sánchez did not want to clarify whether or not there had been a conversation with Garzón, today, at least, he will have to say good morning.

And the curious thing about this case is that the two parts of the Government have to agree on the point of the matter. The effect of macro-farms on the environment, on climate change, is indisputable. The 2030 agenda includes this issue and is aligned with the objectives of the European Union to change the model in livestock production in Spain. Moreover, it is very likely that the PP does not even pronounce the word macrofarms in its campaign in Castilla y León. It does not seem that he is going to get into that garden, the most he is going to do is photograph himself with cows and sheep in defense of the field, like this in general, as he has done in recent days, and accuse the Government of leaving the field unattended , so also in general. If you realize it, no leader or popular candidate was photographed on a macro-farm.

Where then is the problem? Perhaps Minister Garzón should not have questioned the quality of the meat we export, perhaps his words on the issue of livestock should be part of the Government’s strategy, coordinated with the rest of the affected ministries and putting in value the tools that the Government has to make the necessary changes, and perhaps the Socialists would have been enough to say that perhaps Garzón was wrong to question the quality of the meat we sell abroad. But instead of minimizing the controversy, they have managed to make it bigger, with the invaluable help of the loudspeaker on the right who is already silent in repeating a lie as many times as necessary.

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