The painful ninguneo of Laporta and Xavi that Luuk de Jong endures

The most outstanding thing in Barcelona is that Luke de Jong, which they want to release in January, is preventing the sports debacle from going deeper. He is the striker who reaches the Classic with the most goals against Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup. It does it without being endorsed. The work of Laporta and Xavi is nonsense with a player who is not to their liking, who asked for Koeman and who they want to get rid of in January because it serves to reduce the salary mass and bring in another scorer from the Barça profile.

It is sad and even sad to see the treatment received by a player who has exemplary behavior for their professionalism and commitment. It gives the feeling of holding the none of the president and the coach, who they put a cross in the fall planning they did when Xavi was still at Al Sadd. They waited for the winter market to arrive to give it out. We are here and the one who has returned is not the best Laporta or the savior Xavi. He is the best Luuk de Jong.

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U. Sánchez-Flor

The forward is bringing out the colors to the improvisations of the leader and the coach. Not only does he score goals from the head, but he has spectacular and outstanding actions. In an acrobatic shot from Chile in the match against Granada, she crashed the ball off the crossbar. If that ball enters, it is one of the most plastic goals of the season. His last two goals (Mallorca and Granada) – in addition to another annulled and two posts – have given Barça four points.


Luuk de Jong does not complain, does not make a bad face, does not make rudeness and is discreet. He looks like a good person, but has suffered slights. Has endured since the shoves of Laporta and Xavi to go to the whistles of the aficionados from the Camp Nou in the League Classic. Now he is a solution, the striker with the most goal and the most reliable to face Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup that takes place in Saudi Arabia. Of course he is in shape and has something to make Memphis Depay sit on the bench (another case worth studying).

Xavi has to give his arm to twist with this player who their companions hug, as if it were Messi for his saving goals in Mallorca and Granada. It is significant how Piqué, for example, runs across the field to throw himself into his arms. The goals from Luuk, headed, are the solution to the harmless game of possession of Barcelona.

Piqué congratulates De Jong against Granada. (Reuters / Jon Nazca)

Laporta bathes the crowds at the expense of presentations such as those of Xavi, Dani Alves and Ferran Torres. Xavi gives doctrine with the Cruyffista philosophy of manual, the fulfillment of the norms and the use of homegrown players. Luuk de Jong, the ‘ugly duckling’, is the hope to hurt Real Madrid. Xavi has to be clear about it. A trainer who is a beginner and put the team in Granada at risk with the change of Alvaro Sanz for Dembele. With an expulsion or injury of one of the seven players of the first team, he would have incurred an improper alignment. With Riqui Puig he loses his patience.

Xavi and the carambola

In the club they put to work Matthew German to give exits, reduce the salary mass, and have wanted to place Luke de Jong in Cádiz. Dutch refused. He does not protest, but he has his pride. It is another juggling exercise in the institutional management of a club that has had to renew Samuel Umtiti downwards and surprisingly in order to register Ferran Torres. Hard to understand. Umtiti It does not count for the coach either, but he does the club a favor by lowering his salary by 10% and deferring it until 2026.

Barça goes from carom to carom. Xavi gets lost in excuses and the worst thing is that he is draining the bundle and pointing to the players. In Pamplona he blamed them, he was outraged because they don’t understand the positional game. In Granada he got angry because they lost control of the party. He removed Luuk, the team fell and it was organizational chaos no solutions from the bench. Barça shot at goal only once in Los Cármenes. Xavi lacks humility to take responsibility for his mistakes and decisions. He has been taking them with full power for a while now.

Photo: Eden Hazard with a gesture of concentration before starting a match.  (REUTERS / Juan Medina)
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Ulises Sánchez-Flor

Laporta’s management is puzzling. Luuk was brought in on the recommendation of Ronald Koeman when they had to get rid of Griezmann because of salary cap problems. The president has plenty of optimism and his head is going to go throwing numbers to try to sign Haaland. The reality is that Laporta does not like the Dutch forward because Koeman asked for it and Barcelona is not a profile. Xavi is not convinced, but he has to pull him until he exhausts the possibilities to get the reinforcement of Alvaro Morata.

They should both focus on what’s out there. If it is not for Luuk de Jong, Barcelona would be lower in the League. The performance and attitude of the Dutch forward deserve praise in Xavi’s brief journey on the Culé bench (5 victories in 12 games). Xavi says that “only Bayern have been better than us.” Debatable. In Mallorca he was saved by a goal from Luuk de Jong and a save by Ter Stegen. Luuk has gone from being a log and meat of memes to having more incidence than Dembéle, which Laporta says is better than Mbappé.


With Luuk de Jong they have been unfair at Barcelona. It is not the most colorful, nor is it a ‘package’. Luuk suffered a smear campaign. The main thing for Xavi was to talk about how good he is Dembele and the rules when he took over the bench. The rules were a smokescreen to give seriousness to his landing and win the applause of those disenchanted with Koeman’s management. From the club it was leaked that the team trained little and badly and there was a physical problem as well as a style that did not reflect the essence of what Barça has to be.

The images of Xavi’s early mornings followed each other to arrive first at training. The facts, the parties, say otherwise. Xavi made his team worse with the changes in Granada, He could not read the game and physically gives a slump in the second halves. Added to this is the number of injuries. It was difficult for Linares to eliminate him in the Cup, with a doubtful goal annulled to the Andalusian team. Koeman left with a Copa del Rey. Xavi is hot and disputes his first big test with Real Madrid. His first title with Barcelona in Saudi Arabia and he has to count on Luuk de Jong.

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