The intern of Together for Change: Morales' double game

Gerardo Morales does not stop. The president of the UCR had a meeting with the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, in which they built bridges after the clashes of the last month and talked about strengthening Together for Change. There were two presidential contenders who greeted each other. But throughout the weekend and even in the last hours, Morales continued a media raid in which he unleashed a barrage of criticism about the hard wing of the PRO, and some that targeted Mauricio Macri. “Many orthodox PRO economists failed,” Morales launched.

The governor of Jujuy is in the middle of the installation campaign to compete in the presidential elections of 2023. He raised his profile with internal criticism and with the decision to go against his partners and promote a meeting with the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzman (the meeting passed for the next week). He was at a meeting of the national board of Together for Change in which he received not a few criticisms from Patricia Bullrich for his words, but he was not daunted: “You send me to whore on Twitter”, he said, referring to the messages in that network from Fernando Iglesias and Waldo Wolff.

After that encounter, Morales did not lower his profile. On the contrary, he continued from interview to interview, expanding the concepts in which he ultimately questions what the Macri government was: “We went to knock on the door of the IMF”, he remembered. He had already left Larreta offside last week, when he proposed to dialogue with the Government. In this way, Morales – again denounced by Milagro Sala for harassment – is trying to build the image of a moderate and seeking to position his internal adversaries as “the hawks.”

“There are some sectors for which if it explodes, everything is better, so that the adjustment is brutal And it seems to me that it is not a good option for the people, “Morales pointed out to the hard wing of the PRO.” I am referring to some sectors that are called the ‘red circle’. It seems to me that some of the more radical positions of Together for Change do not even want dialogue on key issues such as debt and budget. They told us traitors to the radicals for signing the Fiscal Consensus that the provinces always sign, “said the governor of Jujuy. “Many orthodox PRO economists failed. There is a realistic perspective that many leaders of Together for Change do not want to take into account, “he launched.

It is clear that the strategy is to differentiate on the way to the PASO, not only from the PRO but from an eventual adversary who prepares another sector of radicalism: Facundo Manes. The neuroscientist has already begun to speak of an alliance “of the center” and of social democracy, which is why Morales seems to want to compete with him in that field. “The PRO does not have the conception of the State that radicalism has: We believe in the present state and in public school, “he said, for example. Or, about the alliances that Macri and Bullrich think:” We have differences in the framework of the alliance, we do not agree to agree with Milei or the most stale right because the PRO is enough“.

With Larreta

Part of Morales’ strategy was to show himself as a bridge builder. He positioned himself as the interlocutor with Alberto Fernández in the discussion about whether or not they should attend Minister Guzmán’s report: he sent his vice president along with the other radical governors, which left Larreta completely alone. To the Head of government of CABA, Morales has been targeting him from the radical internal: He publicly blamed him for the breakdown of the UCR bloc, led by Martín Lousteau (with whom, after glass glasses were blown up, Morales reached an agreement). To pose as the one who builds bridges, Morales received Larreta at the house in the province of Jujuy.

The formal reason was a meeting to talk about the Federal Environmental Action Network. But it is clear that It was a meeting between future candidates for president of the same alliance, which did not stop drawing sparks in recent weeks. In the talk in Retiro, the two leaders spoke, according to the official communication, “about the importance of caring for the environment and about the next face-to-face meeting of the Network that will take place in Jujuy in March. During the visit to Jujuy, Larreta will visit different points Among which stand out the Caucharí Solar Park, and companies that produce lithium and cannava “. In this way, the head of the Buenos Aires government promised to travel to Jujuy.

The leaders reportedly also analyzed “the political, economic and social situation at the beginning of 2022.” Among the issues they discussed was the need for both to maintain unity in Together for Change and strengthen the alliance by 2023. It is clear that neither of them imagines Mauricio Macri already at the head of a formula. They don’t seem to have a place for Bullrich either.

Another of the pending points is who will lead the interblock of Together for the Change in Deputies. Until 2021, it was Mario Negri, but with the breakdown of the radical bloc it was vacant. The candidate for the position is Cristian Ritondo, due to the number of seats that the Frente PRO bloc has, but a consensus has not yet been reached between the two radical blocs (Negri’s and Rodrigo de Loredo’s). To complicate matters, Elisa Carrió maintains through her deputies her veto of Ritondo. It is likely that some of this has been addressed by Morales and Larreta. The definition is also possible that it will arrive in a national meeting of JxC, projected for the middle of February.

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