The bad way of the good intentions of the Government

It is the chronicle of an announced rise. Prices in 2022 were going to go up. And so it has been. Among them, highway tolls. The Government opens by announcing that “saving” the highways is going to be very costly for our pockets, for everyone, whether we use them or not. Of course, the Government has referred to Aznar, neither more nor less, and blame all the previous popular governments. Certainly, we can ask ourselves if the method for granting the highways was clean and efficient or not. In addition, I would add another question: does the politician who adjudicates badly notices it or does he go away? And, to continue in the same vein, are the managers of loss-making public companies fired, as would happen in the case of a private company whose manager was a big man? Of course not.

However, it is not that we Spanish citizens live with our backs to our battered pockets. What happens when we have invaded a wave of great economic which is having the same effect as salt in the fields. A ruin.

Thus, the same people who attack toll roads and their rescue with everyone’s money, understand that public highways should be “free”, that is, paid for with everyone’s money. And that perverse identification between free and paid by the Spanish it serves to demand almost everything. But even more flawed is the formulation of the question that locks the citizen into a dead end. “Don’t you want everyone to enjoy everything you enjoy?”

The catch is this: it is not a question of whether I would like everyone to enjoy all the pleasures of life, of course I would. The question is if that is possible, how much does it cost to finance these “pleasures of life”, who would take charge. Or what explains that I, for example, can not rent a super yacht every summer and Cristiano Ronaldo If i can. Answering these questions requires letting go of good intentions and considering the economic value creation, human capital, the characteristics of the market process and human action and much more.

Emotions abound, even if saying that is going against the prevailing emotional orthodoxy. The rest comes from the hand of ethics, which is much more important, but which is everyone’s heritage. Despite this, it seems that 21st century Spaniards are reluctant to look at themselves in the mirror and consider their personal values. But not those of the letter of the Magi, but the real ones, those values ​​that one endorses by example. It is much more comfortable for any government, the one that plays, to establish the values ​​of the moment in accordance with an international agenda. It does not matter if the price to pay is your freedom and, in addition, your pocket.

We have been invaded by a wave of great money that is having the same effect as salt in the fields. A ruin

Because to the damage of many infrastructures and almost all public companies we must add the issue of the elderly: decent pensions. Any solution that passes through the authority is better than raising a society of capital owners, of savers-investors who design their own pension plan, when they have the head and the strength to do so.

And there are our pensioners of the future, living today with the certainty that their pension will not reach them. Or the theme of the education of children and youth. Much better the indoctrination of the political party in power than letting the parents decide if school or homeschooling, or neighborhood tutors, or whatever. Better to raise the damage that parents can do and, based on that, impose a homogeneous teaching that lowers the level to unsuspected limits.

Not to mention the non-existent university freedomSo the difference between public and private universities is that the latter survive suffocated and under permanent threat. But what is even worse: opening a university center is true torture. And not only that: it is based on a licensing system that generates a swollen network of political favors that ruins the project before it is born. What to say about the non-labor reform that we have not already said here.

Can’t forget the great Europeanist. The energy agenda and digitization are also two goals loaded with good intentions but that can end up on paper. Who is going to reject the care of the environment, or the benefits of technological advance? No one. But what about the how? It looks great in a headline to reject that nuclear power and gas be included in the green energy list. I can even understand the need to conceptualize the current stage as “transitional” to a more ‘green’ future. But, reality, which is changing and unpredictable, has imposed a halt.

The energy agenda and digitization are also two goals loaded with good intentions but that can end up on paper

To finish I want to mention the teacher’s note Benito Arruñada to the draft of the so-called Startup Law, published by FEDEA. A law that aims to compensate for the special difficulties faced by innovative emerging companies, but which will hardly succeed in putting down the roots that it promises.

First, due to the difficulty of defining which companies fall into this category and, therefore, of appropriately allocating funds. Second, because it does not demonstrate the positive external effects that justify the law itself. And finally by the generation of a layer of bureaucratic fat that hinders activity economic and increases spending, and whose objective is precisely to identify the companies that produce the external effects. Very good intentions but little chicha.

The economic path of the Government, paved with good intentions, will not lead us to regain muscle tone but to further weigh on Spanish economic progress, already affected by inflation and the uncertain international economic environment.

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