Shots in Miami: “The Geissens”: Robert Geiss in danger? “This is the Wild West here”

Robert Geiss finally wants to receive his yacht again. But before the “Donzi” can leave for a test drive, shots suddenly rang out in Miami. Carmen also struggles with problems: one morning she wakes up with a heavily swollen eye and has to see a doctor.

High tension in the current double episode of “Die Geissens – a terribly glamorous family” (Mondays, 8:15 pm, on RTLZWEI). The millionaire has just arrived in Miami with his family. There he wants to spend a few relaxing days in Geiss’schen domicile – but on a boat trip the 57-year-old suddenly has to fear for his life. Gunshot alert in Miami! And Robert Geiss is suddenly right in the middle of it.

Robert Geiss: “They are all criminals!”

What happened? Robert finally wants to receive his yacht, the “Donzi”, again. The boat has been in a shipyard in Miami for two years. It is still unclear whether the necessary repairs have been carried out. “I’m really mad at these shipyards, they pulled me away, they’re all criminals!” Robert rages. After a number of phone calls, Robert finally got the longed-for information about where the “Donzi” is right now. “If that has still not been repaired, I have no choice but to throw a hand grenade on it, then at least I would have some fun,” he suspects evil.

“The Geissens” in the “Wild West”?

In fact, Robert discovers his yacht in the shipyard. The engines seem to be working, and nothing else stands in the way of a test drive. Just as he is about to leave for a test drive with a captain friend of his, the events come thick and fast: “Get down! Get down!”, The experienced captain yells at him. Gunshots can be heard on the other bank. Robert takes cover: “What’s going on? Who is shooting?”

The captain claims to have seen someone shoot at another from a moving car. “This is the Wild West here! I have already been shot four times myself,” he explains to Robert, astonished. After this “Miami Vice” -like chase, he only wants one thing: “Off to Old Europe. Monaco is nice and safe.” So the drama about the “Donzi” continues …

Carmen Geiss fights against severe eye inflammation

And with Carmen in Miami, too, things are anything but smooth. After a party with friends, she wakes up with a puffy, sore eye. “It hurts so much. I need an appointment with the doctor,” she complains. The whole family is very worried. Daughter Davina (18) takes over the care immediately: “Mom just needs a person who is normal, not so stressful,” she says with a look at her sister Shania and father Robert. While the two of them go shopping, Davina and Carmen immediately drive to the ophthalmologist. “I don’t want to leave her alone in this state. She always worries about me when I’m sick and snuggles into bed with me,” explains Davina.

After visiting the doctor, it becomes clear how bad things are for the 56-year-old: “The doctor told me I could have been blind,” reports a shocked Carmen. The reason: she had forgotten a contact lens in her eye for more than two months – and kept putting in new ones. “There were so many bacteria in the eye,” says Carmen, dismayed. But the next day it looks better again. The inflammation goes down, the Geissens can breathe again.

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