'Save me': Kiko Hernández destroys several collaborators uncovering private details

The last posed of Kiko Hernandez in his brand new home for a well-known magazine has brought a lot of queue in ‘Save me’. If last week it was the collaborators who, led by two experts, criticized both the chalet and its decoration, this Tuesday it was the protagonist’s turn to reply, and he did not leave a puppet with a head.

Kiko began her start by “shooting” at the two experts who attended the program, decorators and interior designers: “Madam, I want to start by addressing you. The only good thing I have in my house is the bedroom, which you say is from a ‘low cost’ store. Well, quite the opposite, and I have had it for 20 years, it is the only expensive thing I have. I presume that I have nothing good, also, because I prefer to spend my money on other things. I respect whoever spends the money on furniture, but I don’t, so if something breaks, it doesn’t hurt to change it. ”

“The rubber thing in the kitchen, because I like a good rubber, why are we going to fool ourselves. I like rubber and I’m not going to remove it! My house is what it is and I will not fool anyone, I show it as it is. I have little girls and oilcloth is wonderful for the ColaCaos at snack time, for example. Long live the rubber! “He shouted.

Kiko Hernández, in ‘Save me’. (Telecinco)

After throwing a couple more darts at the experts, it was his turn to Gustavo Gonzalez, who came out much worse off: “He doesn’t like my house either inside or outside. Let it be said that you wear horrible pink socks; you wear shirts two sizes smaller than the buttons on your belly are going to burst; that your house smells like cauliflower and the most beautiful thing you have in it is your geek site where you keep the cards of the programs in which you have worked; that your furniture is a real shit … I have never criticized your house, but May you have the holy flats to criticize mine with the shitty furniture you have … if the day I interviewed you I was afraid to lean on the table in case it fell apart!“, he burst unceremoniously.

Then it was the turn of Carmen alcayde, about which she limited herself to unveiling the unpleasant nickname that supposedly they would have put her on Telemadrid: “Carmen Alcayde … well, this one she does to come more days. She said ‘villa meona’ and ‘villa cagona’ for the amount of bathrooms, to She who is called ‘moe’ on Telemadrid. Explain why it is, maybe one day it gave off an odor …“, he dropped.

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M. Moreno

Later the target of his darts was Miguel Frigenti, about which he dared to reveal how much money he has in his checking account: “I only wish you that when 10 years pass you can buy a house like mine, that I have seen photos and videos of yours on social networks and I prefer not to comment on anything. Of course, I see it complicated, because With only 40,000 euros in the account you have it clear, that the other day I saw it and you only had that“.

Finally it was Kiko Matamoros who intervened to praise both his friend’s good taste and his courage to defend him against everyone. In addition, the collaborator did not cut himself when charging against ‘Save me’ himself for this type of issue: “The recreations that are done in this program are shit, because they are done badly looking for only the negative reviews, not to mention the ‘furniture assemblies’ that they bring here to comment on everything “.

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