Five years ago “Goodbye Germany” emigrant Angela Wolf fell in love with the much younger Paolo while on vacation and moved to Zanzibar with him. Today they are still married, but had to deal with a nasty cheat, as was seen in the current episode on VOX.

Very few VOX viewers would have believed that a few years ago. But the Munich “Goodbye Germany!” Emigrant Angela “Angie” Wolf (45) and her Tanzanian husband Paolo (30) are still happy together after a good three years. The trained hairdresser and the former cowherd run a paradisiacal lodge on Zanzibar.

Corona crisis hit the “Goodbye Germany” couple hard

The Corona crisis cost them a large part of their savings, but overall it hit the couple better than people who make a living from tourism elsewhere. The President of Tanzania, John Magufuli, who died last year, had denied the virus. Accordingly, no measures had been taken for a long time. Some sun-seekers saw Zanzibar as a kind of “island of the blessed”. And so some permanent guests had settled in Angela’s and Paolo’s loft.

There were various reasons why the “Corona fugitives”, as Angie called them, stayed much longer than planned: While the Czech engineer Josef Chnupa (33) simply enjoyed the “oasis of peace”, the former stewardess Anke Olschewski (61 ) to “actually escaped from this loneliness”, because as a single person at home she “at some point only talked to my white wall”.

3,000 euros for 900 square meters

But the wonderful family atmosphere, which the tourist was so enthusiastic about, also had disadvantages for the operating couple: There was hardly any privacy, around the clock it could happen that a guest knocked on the door, for example at asking for a roll of toilet paper. The solution should be a second home outside the lodge, for which they initially wanted to buy another piece of land – from their good friend Wasifa.

Eight million Tanzanian shillings, the equivalent of around 3,000 euros, should cost the 900 square meters, a bargain even by Tanzanian standards. Angie and Paolo paid 400 euros of this when they signed the contract. But a little later the shock followed: the large landowner had simply sold the area a second time and then went underground for the time being!

Opaque business: emigrant Angela Wolf angry

After consulting with lawyers, Angie and Paolo first went to Wasifa, who was suddenly very camera-shy. Wasifa tried to stop both of them, but they did not agree and finally turned to the mayor, who has to officially recognize every sale of land on Zanzibar.

Basically a clear thing, one would think, Angie was also confident: There was a contract, the VOX team had filmed the deposit handover – what was going to go wrong? Whatever it was (maybe bribes had flown), it went wrong. The mayor advised the German-Tanzanian couple to be satisfied with the repayment of the deposit. “Otherwise you will end up with nothing.”

Although “pissed off”, Angie and Paolo finally responded – and then looked ahead: “If one door closes, the others open!” They also concentrated again on what they had already created so far, telling themselves that they basically lived in their lodge “already cool”. And two months later, their positive attitude was rewarded: The VOX team received the news that the couple had found and purchased another piece of property.

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