Ronaldo is again unhappy and wants to leave Manchester United.  Mendes is ready to offer him to Barcelona


We are fortunate enough to enjoy football in the era of two unique footballers – Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. But their greatness seems to have outgrown the capabilities of the top clubs they play for. It’s no secret that in recent years Leo has managed the dressing room and exerted a tremendous influence on the coaches at Barcelona, ​​and at PSG Mauricio Pochettino puts up with the fact that the superstar does not know how and does not want to work out without the ball.

The ego of the Portuguese is already going to the detriment of the teams. After his departure from Juventus, Gianluigi Buffon admitted that with the advent of KriRo, Turin lost their DNA. And now Manchester United is in an unenviable position. The leader of the attacks of the Mancunians and compatriot Ronaldo Bruno Fernandes instantly went into the shadows – 0.4 effective actions per match this season in the Premier League against 0.8 a year earlier.

The locker room of the “red devils” is crumbling before our eyes. Portuguese-speaking footballers have moved away from the rest of the team, which has split into several groups. Other players (mostly attacking) are unhappy with the fact that in whatever form Ronaldo is, the coaches give him maximum playing time to the detriment of the rest. Almost 11 players are asking to let them go in winter.

The first victim of Krish was Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer, who was never able to put together a puzzle of top players. With third in the league in total squad value (higher than Liverpool and just € 10m lower than Chelsea), Manchester United fell into the middle of the standings.

After the resignation of the Norwegian, Ralf Rangnick took over the coaching bridge, but he did not expect it to be so difficult either. It is not possible to bring the team together. The team’s play, if not worsening, then at least not getting better. After a home defeat to Wolverhampton (0: 1), a fire burst out of the locker room.


And Ronaldo continues to add fuel to the fire. He is so unhappy with the coach, which he was disappointed with, and the results that threaten to leave the Portuguese without the Champions League next season that he began to blackmail the club with his departure. He will take this step if he is not satisfied with the candidacy of the next head coach, as well as retaining the post for Rangnick.

Then he published a photo by Alex Telles and Diogo Dalot and signed “We continue to work”, but this only convinced everyone of the presence of a Portuguese-speaking group, which he leads (stands in the photo in the center). And then he held “crisis negotiations” with his agent Jorge Mendes.

“Ronaldo is very concerned about what is happening at United. The team has received a lot of criticism, and he knows that he is considered one of the leaders. There are many problems, Cristiano feels pressure and is very tense because of what is happening. He really wants his return to Manchester United to be a success, but he begins to realize that the fight for trophies with the current squad may be unsuccessful. Mendes came to him, and they held a meeting, discussing how things are going, what problems exist and how they can be solved, ”the source says. The Sun.

Ronaldo asked Mendes to think about where he could pursue a career if he decides to leave Manchester, informs. As one of the options, Barcelona is being considered, with the president of which Joan Laporte is a friend of the footballer’s agent. The Catalans are just in search of a forward, therefore, according to Mendes, they can agree to this transition, although their prospects are no less doubtful than Manchester United. In addition, they will definitely not be able to give the Portuguese a good salary. And without announcing Ferran Torres, the contract of Samuel Umtiti had to be extended (with a 10% salary reduction), whom they have been trying to put out the door for a couple of years.

The fact that these conversations became known to the press also speaks volumes. It is unlikely that Ronaldo and Mendes talked in line for sausage. This means that someone deliberately leaked this information to journalists. For what, if not for the sake of pressure on the management of “Manchester United”?


All these conversations could have been sent to the “Rumors” section, if not for the fact that on Monday Ronaldo was not even included in the application for the cup match against Aston Villa. Edinson Cavani came out in the center of the attack. Rangnick explained the absence of Ronaldo by problems with the muscles of the thigh, which the football player himself allegedly stated.

“I spoke with Cristiano yesterday before training, and he said that in the last couple of days he had some problems. These are minor problems, but still we decided that it would be wiser to avoid risks in a match that could last 120 minutes and give him a break. These problems concern the muscles of the thigh, “- quotes the words of the mentor ESPN.

At the moment, it looks like Ronaldo puts his personal project above any club for which he plays. It is important for him to remain the greatest of the greatest for centuries, therefore, he is ready to change teams like gloves, just to stay on the crest of the wave, although in fact it is his charisma, ambition and reputation that break the team spirit.

It will be a shame if it is against such a negative background that the careers of two outstanding footballers Ronaldo and Messi end. The latter can only boast of a big name this season – in 11 league 1 matches for PSG he has 1 goal and 4 assists, and in terms of the number of minutes played in the team, he is only 11th. Moreover, in games with his participation, the Parisians won only six victories with four draws and one defeat. It is sad that everything ends this way, but these examples once again confirm that you need to be able to leave on time, or at least reconsider your attitude to business.

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