After 20 years, Jörg Pilawa is leaving ARD – to get started on the private broadcaster Sat.1. But he is not the only moderator who has turned his back on public broadcasters. Linda Zervakis, Jan Hofer and Pinar Atalay also opted for a private broadcaster as an employer. Why is that?

He was one of the entertainment presenters on ARD: Jörg Pilawa. Now he decided to take a new path and swap the stage of the private broadcaster including the “Golden Camera”, countless prime-time programs and numerous quiz show moments for that of the private broadcaster Sat.1. Here, too, he will host a question-and-answer show in the future: “Quiz for you”, where celebrities compete against each other in two teams and earn money for people in need.

So what prompted the 56-year-old and his other colleagues to quit the ARD and look for a new job at a private broadcaster? More say, cooler formats or just more money? This is what Pilawa, Zervakis and Co. say themselves about it.

Jörg Pilawa is leaving ARD after 20 years

For the charismatic moderator, it’s a return to his roots. Even though he had 20 years of success with ARD, including a nomination for the German TV Prize, the private broadcaster Sat.1 discovered Pilawa’s talent to host quiz shows and let him take over “The Quiz Show”.

Memories that apparently caught up with the 56-year-old during the lockdown. He himself reports that he found old Sat.1 photos while cleaning up during the lockdown. These made him think and he noticed that he had to get out of his comfort zone again. He goes on to say: “I’ve noticed over the years: Yes, you’re in such a mill, successfully doing the same thing over and over again. Great programs with great people. But I just had the feeling: I have to start stuttering again myself and give myself a little kick again and do something new. “

Jörg Pilawa: He wants to “do something new from 2022”

The Quizmaster makes it clear that the change has absolutely nothing to do with his former employer: He was always embedded with a lot of program, but “it’s just my wish to do something new from 2022 onwards.”

So far, Sat.1 has announced that Jörg Pilawa will moderate “Quiz für dich” – not really something new for the 56-year-old. But according to Sat.1 boss Daniel Rosemann, other concepts are already on the table: “It doesn’t always have to be shows. Jörg also wants to work outside of a studio, to meet people.” However, concrete details are not yet known and it remains to be seen whether Pilawa can reinvent himself at the private broadcaster – but both he and Sat.1 seem to agree to at least try to do it together.

Own infoteinmant program: Linda Zervakis goes to ProSieben

The same thing seemed to have happened to the “Tagesschau” presenter Linda Zervakis: “I was actually very happy with the ‘Tagesschau’, but I also wanted to do a little more,” the mother of two recently revealed on the rbb talk show “Chez Krömer “. Since September she has been working with Matthias Opdenhövel for the infotainment program “Zervakis & Opdenhövel. Live.” in front of the camera. Certainly a challenge for the 45-year-old. Exactly what she apparently longed for. Shortly after her last 8 p.m. edition of “Tagesschau”, which she has hosted since 2013, the pretty brunette said in an interview with NDR: “For me, the time has just come now, even after 19 years on NDR, easy to try something new again before I get too old for it. ” At that time she still said that she would miss the thrill at 8 p.m. above all. But she also found that with her new live program on ProSieben.

“Tagesschau” presenter Jan Hofer is retiring for the time being

It is unclear whether Linda Zervakis was infected by her former colleague Jan Hofer with the “let’s try something new” fever. But the fact is that just a few months before Zervakis, Jan Hofer also left the “Tagesschau”. After 15 years, the newscaster initially retired. The 69-year-old didn’t stay there for long. Only three months later he was back on the TV screens – but not on ARD, but on RTL. Hofer explains his decision to the German Press Agency in a very pragmatic way: “I had various offers, some of which were very interesting, but ‘RTL Direkt’ was the most attractive of them all.”

Pinar Atalay hopes to be more involved

It is certainly nice for Jan Hofer that he meets his old colleague Pinar Atalay again on “RTL Direkt”. The news anchor takes turns with her after the 43-year-old had turned her back on ARD to work at RTL. The Lemgo-born news anchor with Turkish roots has been under contract with the private broadcaster since August 2021 and also moderates “RTL aktuell” with Peter Kloeppel. Compared to the “Stern”, the presenter explained her decision to switch to RTL at the time: “I can help shape this!” She adds: “RTL means well with serious journalism. In these politically exciting times, RTL’s journalistic profile is being further strengthened, and I am delighted to be able to take part in it.”

Will Judith Rakers leave ARD soon?

The reasons for switching from a public broadcaster to a private broadcaster are of course individual with Pilawa and Co. However, it does not seem to have anything to do with the transmitter itself. On the contrary: Breaking out of the routine or trying something new after a long time seem to have been groundbreaking for the ARD changers. A win-win situation for RTL and Co., because they want to change their image by expanding their information and news offerings – established and respected news anchors help with the change of image.

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that the private broadcasters are also paid better than the fee-financed public broadcasters, which have rather limited financial resources at their disposal. According to the ARD, freelancers receive exactly 259.89 euros for the main edition of the “Tagesschau”. Private channels such as ProSieben, Sat.1 and RTL can of course lure with much more lavish fees through their advertising financing.

It remains to be seen whether this will induce other ARD colleagues to change employers. The 46-year-old blonde immediately rejects simmering rumors that “Tagesschau” spokeswoman Judith Rakers (46) could soon leave the private broadcaster: “I intend to stay with the Tagesschau for a long time.” In an interview with the RND, she made it clear: “I have no interest in switching.”

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