People do not forgive, senator to Guasave councilors

Guasave, Sinaloa.-The senator Imelda Castro Castro He emphasized that all popular representatives are in a public window and that citizens do not forgive, this around what happened with the Guasave councilors who approved a strong increase in the budget for their area, cutting resources from other more priority ones.

“With all due respect to the councilors and all the popular representatives, we need to think long-term, because if their income increases right now, people are watching them, we are in a public window and people do not forgive; If they want to pursue a political career in favor of the people, they need to be with the priorities of the citizens and not with their personal priorities, 20, 30 thousand pesos more than what they are worth if in politics they are going to be in debut and dismissal. “

Castro Castro indicated that the austerity policy that prevails in the federal government and that the state government is already applying, should also lower Guasave and considered as a very bad point the fact that the issue in Guasave is the budget of the councilors and not citizen priorities.

“We have to apply that to the municipalities, the state congress has already done it too, they went back a bit but they did it, why won’t Guasave do it, why won’t the councilors do it; frankly that the issue of pesos and cents of the income of popular representatives is the great issue of Guasave is a very bad sign, because there are many needs, simply health. “

The senator stressed that the mayors and mayors should be supported, even more so if they come from the same project and even when they are not, because they hardly start and deserve the vote of confidence and also because the people who gave the mandate were the people.
He added that in the specific case of Guasave, the council members should have a dialogue with the president where the issue of pesos and cents is not the order of the day, but the priorities of the citizenship and also pointed out that the executive can modify certain percentage of the budget and that if necessary it should be reached that, although the ideal would be for the councilors to back down at least by a percentage.

“I believe that the budget execution has certain, we know that the budget has to be exercised by the executive and can modify it up to a percentage, of course we are talking about a municipality, the analogy in politics and legislation can be applied, but I think that that is possible and if it is necessary to arrive at that, it is necessary to arrive at that and still the councilmen can initiate the dialogue with the president and back down at least with a percentage. “

Regarding the political cost for Morena’s party, Castro Castro acknowledged that there will be, but stressed that people continue to support the project and will begin to identify the characters to determine who will and who will not.

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“People are supporting the movement and they will also begin to see the characters of the movement; it does not lose the movement in general, although it does have a cost, because the transformation comes from above and the fact that it is not congruent with that, really surely in the medium term we will not see it again. “

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