"'Password error": Carlos Adán certifies a failure in his donut in the 'Teachers Cup'

‘Pass word’ gave this Monday, January 10, the starting gun for its ‘Teachers Cup’, a league in which eight legendary contestants will face each other in different qualifying rounds to fight for a 50,000-euro pot. The public responded en masse to these special days, premiering the league with a record audience by adding 3,009,000 viewers and 23.5%.

Among them, Antonio Alcántara, user on social networks who made the hare jump over a mistake made in Carlos Adán’s donut. The expert in the contest measured himself against María Hernanz in a very equal pulse to pass the round. The two demonstrated their knowledge in the different tests, but especially in ‘El rosco’, where they finished with the same successes.

Hernanz took the lead initially, but Adan knew how to turn the situation around. As her donuts went by, the tables were turning, until ultimately she was ahead with 21 hits. Carlos was forced to risk and forced a tie, but the four words in front of him were choked. Especially the letter T, which he left for last: “Last name of the basketball player who was the top scorer of the 1957 European Basketball Championship“.

And it is in this definition that the observer observer realized the error of the contest, since, Attaching the table of top scorers for that European, the correct answer was Yalçin Granit with 213 points, three above Eddy Terrace, to whom the program gave as a valid answer in the broadcast. This was revealed by Roberto Leal to Carlos Adán at the end of the program, firing him when he was eliminated against Hernanz.

Carlos himself echoed this spectator’s complaint and went one step further, personally counting all the points scored in the 1957 competition: “It looks like a ‘Password’ error. The Turkish Yalçin Granit scored more points than the Belgian Terrace. As a check, I have added the points match by match of both, since here are all the minutes. “After sharing the link to the minutes, Adan reaches the same conclusion as Antonio Alcántara:” Indeed, they are 213 from Granit and 210 from Terrace. Program error, “he laments.

Without a doubt, this question is about one of the “bolts” of this donut, a word with which the contestants refer to the most complicated definitions of ‘El rosco’, those destined to make it very difficult, not to say impede, that they make full of successes. This is why, a priori, the error of ‘Pasapalabra’ seems to have no impact on the result of Carlos Adán, who seemed to be unaware that Granit was actually the true top scorer of the 1957 European Basketball Championship (because if he had known, he would have manifested in the recording of the program, with the changes that the error would have entailed). Would another definition with the same letter have been correct instead, or would that definition simply have been swapped out for the letter Y? We will never know, but the truth is that with one more success he would have passed the round in this ‘Teachers Cup’.

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