Pablo Iglesias and Carmen Calvo get caught up in Alberto Garzón: "You are no longer the leader of Podemos"

The former vice presidents of the Government Carmen Calvo Y Pablo Iglesias staged this Monday a heated debate on the impact of the interview with Alberto Garzon in The Guardian, or rather on what transpired from it, which is that the Minister of Consumption had stated that we export poor quality meat. His full reply to the British newspaper it was more extensive and nuanced and in line among others with the document ‘Spain 2050’, prepared by an office dependent on the Presidency of the Government.

In any case, Aimar Bretos, director of Hora 25, on Cadena SER, put the question on the table in the ‘agora’ that Calvo and Iglesias share with the former minister every week José Manuel García-Margallo. The starting point was the statements hours before in those same microphones of Pedro Sanchez: “I am very sorry for all this controversy and with this I am saying it all.” Iglesias had already reacted to these words in RAC1 – “it is extremely serious that Sánchez assumes false news” – and in SER he went further. This time he had Calvo in front of him.

The former secretary general of Podemos understands that Sánchez is fully aware that the story that has triumphed over Alberto Garzón is a “lie”, but that, moved by his advisers, he has assumed that “most of the people believe that Garzón has said what not has said”. For Iglesias, the president had a more suitable alternative for his interests and those of the coalition: defend his minister and his “impeccable” speech in line with the “government policies”.

“will regret”

Sánchez “will regret it,” Iglesias predicted, recalling that “he may end up suffering” what he already suffered on account of his doctoral thesis, when he was accused of having kidnapped her. United We can, he assures, would be on his side because “it is indecent to use lies to engage in politics” and “you can never use a hoax to nudge a partner.”

“I cannot accuse Margallo,” Iglesias continued, “of being a sexual harasser of his secretary.” The former minister, pointed out but cutting the climate seriously, took it with humor: “You are going to create a problem for me that I am going to have to go to the gulag.”

Iglesias also had for the media, which “they have swallowed -he affirmed- a false news that Microsoft has spread and that comes from a website owned by the large employers of this industry -the meat-“. For the former vice president, in fact, “the main victim of this is journalism.”

“Lots of dynamite”

Carmen Calvo perceived Iglesias altered, called him to calm down and reminded him that Garzón “talks about a matter that involves at least two other ministries, those of Agriculture and that of Ecological Transition”, and “the exact phrase” of the president, who said that the “controversy” does not seem right, but the former leader of Podemos did not serve as an excuse: “The doctoral thesis of Sánchez is not a controversy, it is a hoax. (…) If I were saying that I do not like the controversy of Pedro Sánchez’s thesis, it would be being mean, “he replied.

“With all due respect and affection,” Calvo addressed Iglesias, “I believe, Pablo, that with the statements you have made, commenting in such an exaggerated way, you are not helping what we call coalition culture. You are not an analyst. normal and neither am I; you are no longer the leader of Podemos or vice president and neither am I, and we have to measure what we say. Garzón has explained himself and the president has placed himself where he had to be placed and this controversy to who is good It is to the PP. Do you think that you help saying that it is a very serious mistake of the president? “

Calvo regretted that his table companion was “truffling” the debate “of examples loaded with a lot of dynamite” and that he could be “contributing” to the political offensive of the PP president, Pablo Casado: “You and I have been in that government and we cannot give something of this nature a chance to a political party that is in absolute despair.”

“Serious damage to the sector”

García-Margallo then intervened to underline the “serious damage to the sector” that Garzón has done to the country, Spain, which is “the world’s fourth largest producer of pigs and first of sheep.” “It has been understood that the exported meat is of poor quality at a particularly delicate moment. Saying this or having this interpreted – explained the former minister – is very serious and does tremendous damage to reputation. One of my obsessions was the ‘brand Spain. ‘It employs 500,000 people and in Brussels it has been interpreted that we are exporting rotten meat. ”

Aimar Bretos asked the three politicians if a president or minister should change his speech when the interview is to an international medium, omitting negative aspects about the country itself or that could put its reputation in question. Iglesias is opposed because in that case, he gave as an example, “the Minister of Equality could not talk about gender violence, unless the British know that women are beaten in Spain.”

Iglesias rejects that Garzón has to “lie and say that everything here is rosy because of patriotism.” The Minister of Consumption, settled, “told the truth: that we are going to end macro-farms and defend extensive cattle ranching.”

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