One of the best watches if you use Google for everything: we tested the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra

Mobvoi’s TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra is one of the main alternatives based on WearOS, Google’s operating system that is in the middle of a revolution.

The smartwatch market is one of the most varied and competitive in the technology sector, with a multitude of independent operating systems and platforms. It’s a stark contrast to the smartphone market, dominated by just two platforms, Apple’s and Google’s.

This has favored the launch of very complete products at a good price, such as the Huawei Watch GT 3 that we recently tested; but it also leaves something abandoned to users who want to continue using the same apps and services as on their Android mobile, for example. If that is your situation, Mobvoi offers one of the main options to enjoy the same platform on your wrist.

Full of functions

The TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra is the most complete and ‘premium’ option that Mobvoi offers; It is a smartwatch based on Wear OS from Google and as such, it has significant advantages over other devices based on its own platform. This is reflected in a large number of functionalities and possibilities.

This is one of the most complete smart watches that I have had the opportunity to test, in number of pre-installed applications and in the possibility of expanding it with more, obtained through the Google Play Store. Of course, we have the basic functions that we can already expect from any competent watch, such as heart rate monitoring (with AFib detection), as well as blood oxygen saturation, throughout the day; so we can have a clear idea of ​​our body even when we are sleeping. On this, we also have a sleep monitoring as complete as in any other system.

We can keep track of this data using Mobvoi’s own pre-installed apps, but it is also compatible con Google Fit; This is where we find one of the advantages of wearing a WearOS watch, especially if we are already on the Google platform. We have choice, something we cannot say on many other watches.

In addition, it is important to care for areas of health that are normally ignored, such as mint healthl. This watch is able to evaluate our fatigue, and help us reduce stress with breathing exercises. We even have an app that records noise levels, which can be very useful to avoid places that can cause a headache or even hearing damage.

Of course, we have access to all kinds of exercises, no less than 100, by pressing the bottom button on the clock; In my case, my movements have been recorded well using the internal GPS of the watch, although it can be a bit slow to capture your position at first. In addition, we have as an option give it to you 4G, which has a virtual SIM card with which we can say goodbye to the mobile; Not only can we synchronize data and receive notifications directly on the watch, it is even possible to make calls.

What I liked the most about the pre-installed health apps is that no need to use mobile to obtain most of the information, as in other watches; For example, this device is capable of showing us all the data of our sleep as soon as we wake up, without having to pick up the mobile and let the data synchronize. Which is a good thing, because the Mobvoi mobile app leaves something to be desired; it is slow to sync data, and in some cases I have had serious trouble getting the data to show up.

Continuing with the complaints, the first hour of use of this watch is one of the worst experiences I have suffered, due to the number of times I have had to give permission for the apps to access my data. I understand that this is necessary if I install a new app, but I have had to do it for each of the apps that are pre-installed; It was so catico There was a time when I didn’t even know which app it was that was asking me for data. Ideally, when starting the clock for the first time we could grant or deny the permissions of all the pre-installed apps at the same time. In addition, I suspect that this has caused it to deny some access, causing crashes in some apps (such as the blood oxygen measurement in the background).

The Google Advantage

It is clear that the issue of permissions is an attempt by Google not to get into unnecessary controversy with the management of our health data, and that in this case it affects the experience. But I also have to say that other than that, I have found little to complain about during my experience with the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra.

We are facing a fast clock, which reacts immediately to our gestures thanks to the use of the processor Snapdragon Wear 4100. The system also feels light, although I am sure it is not due to the amount of functions and integrated Google systems. For example, the Google Assistant, which is easily accessible and allows us to control our devices with our voice as if we had a smart speaker on our wrist.

If we have an Android, the experience is much higher thanks to the integration with our mobile, including receiving notifications directly on the watch, and compatibility with apps and multimedia controls of the mobile. Thanks to access to the Play StoreWe have applications such as Spotify, or the recently launched YouTube Music, which allow us to listen to music from the watch by pairing a wireless headset. And of course, we have access to very useful apps like Google Maps, as well as payments by Google Pay using the integrated NFC connection.

The TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra is based on Wear OS 2, and therefore does not have the advantages and novelties of Wear OS 3; However, Mobvoi has promised that users they will receive the new system via an update throughout 2022. A promise that ensures this watch will not become obsolete when Google finally releases the new version of Wear OS. It is good to see that the giant has reaffirmed its commitment to wearables, although Samsung users have been the first to receive these advantages with the Galaxy Watch 4.

Elegant and resistant

The TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra is Mobvoi’s most advanced model, and it shows with a good design and the use of quality materials; For example, the fluorine rubber strap has a leather finish (only in the 4G version), and although it is not a small watch, it is not one of the largest, and it is comfortable to wear. The glass cover uses Corning Gorilla with anti-fingerprints, which is much appreciated, and the entire clock follows the military standard 810G to guarantee its resistance to falls and shocks.

However, perhaps I expected a somewhat more ‘premium’ feeling, considering the price, especially of the 4G version, which reaches 359.99 euros. The case of the watch is made of stainless steel and nylon with fiberglass, but to the touch it does not offer the same sensations as, for example, the ceramic material that I enjoyed in the Huawei Watch GT 3, a cheaper watch.

To the elegant design we must add the available watch faces, of which a large number and variety are pre-installed, to the point that it is surprising; and we can always get more through the Play Store.

Very complete and capable

The TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra represents the maximum a Wear OS watch can achieve right now, at least until the next generation of the operating system. It is packed with functionalities and useful applications for our day to day, it is highly customizable and despite everything, it is fast.

However, that affects the battery; I have not managed to make it last more than three days, an acceptable duration but not one of the best we have seen. At least we have an ace up our sleeve, and one of my favorite features: the essential mode, in which the screen turns off almost completely, leaving only the basic functions such as the clock, the date, and the number of steps. That is what you will see most of the time, since the watch does not show the face until we double-tap the screen or one of the buttons. It is an elegant solution to the battery problem, since in this mode we can use it for many more days, although without access to functions or applications until we recharge it.

The TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra It is one of the best watches in the industry thanks to these kinds of useful functions, and is already available starting at 299.99 euros for the basic version, and 359.99 euros for the version with 4G.

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