This Tuesday at 08:00 hours the Educational Evaluation, Measurement and Registration Department (Demre) published the results of the people who took the Transition Test (PDT) for 2022 admission to higher education.

It should be noted that it is the second time that this exam has been given in the context of the pandemic and under health protocols. It is in this scenario that the Undersecretary of Higher Education, Juan Eduardo Vargas placeholder image, and the director of Demre, Eleanor Varas, analyzed the results of the PDT.

The balance

As detailed by the authorities, 275,631 people registered -82% for the first time- to take the test, of which 235 thousand attended -130,195 women and 105,975 men-, showing the same percentage of attendance as last year (86%).

Regarding the establishments of origin, 180,895 people come from a scientific-humanist college, 54,957 from a professional technician and 318 without data. More specifically, 27,122 belong to a private paid facility, 128,856 to subsidized individuals, 69,158 to municipalities, 8,682 to local education services and 2,352 to others.

“The PSU showed an enormous difference between young people who graduated from scientific colleges and those who graduated from technical professional colleges. This is fundamentally explained because the amount of content considered by the PSU made it, in practical terms, impossible for a high school student professional technician to be able to see all that amount of content, ”said Juan Eduardo Vargas about the difference in scores between the types of establishments.

Specifically, the reading comprehension test among graduates of professional scientific-humanist and technical campuses had a difference of 95 points in 2020, 81 in 2021 and 75 points in 2022.

In the case of the mathematics test, the differences were 88 points in 2020, 80 in 2021 and 71 points in 2022. In history and social sciences it was 73 points in 2021 and 69 in 2022. Finally, in science, 2020 had a difference of 99 points, in 2021 of 90 and in 2022 it fell to 83 points.

“The changes we made -in the test- could account for a reduction in these gaps. This year that decrease in the gaps is maintained, that is, it is already becoming a trend, “he said, adding that” in all tests there is a decrease in the gaps between graduates of humanistic scientific colleges and graduates of professional technicians. This is, without a doubt, very good news that goes along the lines of making this admission system a better, fairer system that does not impede access to higher education ”, added the Undersecretary of Higher Education.

The director of Demre indicated that “the gaps between students from scientific-humanist establishments and those from technical-professional establishments are again narrowing. The PSU generated a debt with the latter and we believe that with the changes we are making, we contribute little by little to mitigate it, making this a more equitable system for everyone, regardless of where you studied your High School ”.

When asked about the four days of application, Varas pointed out that “all the statistical tests that were carried out show that they were absolutely equivalent, neither of the two groups had any advantage in the rendering of tests.”

Breakfast with the President

The president of the Republic, Sebastian PiñeraAt the Palacio de La Moneda, he received the national scores at the traditional breakfast.

According to the figures provided by the Undersecretary of Higher Education, 180 people were national scores, decreasing by 22% with respect to the previous process where 230 were registered.

Of the 180 national scores, 5 were in the reading comprehension test, 144 in mathematics, 4 in history and social studies, and finally 27 in science.

Regarding the distribution of the best scores throughout the country, this was as follows: 122 in the Metropolitan region, 14 in Bio Bío, 10 in Valparaíso, 8 in O’Higgins, 7 in La Araucanía, 7 in the Maule. 6 in Antofagasta, 5 in Coquimbo, 4 in Los Lagos, 2 in Tarapacá, 2 in Los Ríos, 2 in Magallanes and 1 in the Ñuble region.

Results and application process

To know the scores obtained in the PDT, you must enter the Mineduc Access. On this page you must place your RUN or Pass number and the password created in the registration process.

Applications to the universities began today at 09:00 and will run until Friday, January 14 at 13:00. The results of the application process will be revealed on January 24 at 12:00.

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