Massive power outage in several areas of the Metropolitan Area in full heat wave

Users from different Buenos Aires neighborhoods and the Buenos Aires suburbs reported power outages shortly after 1:30 p.m. Shortly after 3:30 p.m., Edenor confirmed, through a statement, that due to a fire that occurred in a house in the San Martín district, a high voltage line (LAT 46) was out of service. The massive midday cut reached about 700 thousand users, however, after 4:45 p.m. on Tuesday, the ENRE reported on its page that there were 226,666 users who were without service.

In the first hours of the massive outage, the ENRE page remained down, but as of 4:00 p.m. it began to deliver information on the situation of the areas concessioned by Edenor and Edesur. At 5:10 p.m., Edenor still had no service 147,502 -in the City of Buenos Aires and the northern suburbs-, while in the Edesur concession area they were 79,164 users without service.

The massive cut-off registered at noon, according to Edenor, occurred due to an incident that “initially affected the service in some areas of the Tigre, San Fernando and San Martín districts and later there were service outages of generating machines at the Nuevo Puerto power plant.” , which affected a large part of the North corridor of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the Greater Buenos Aires.

The ENRE, for its part, confirmed that there had been around 700 thousand users without electricity. And he specified that at 1:14 pm there was “the disconnection of High Voltage Line 46 that links the Morón Transformer Station with the Malaver Transformer Station” and that led to more disconnections of the electrical system in the Central Puerto machines.

In addition, the ENRE reported that at 1:28 pm another high voltage line, number 48, was disconnected, linking the same Transformer Stations as LAT46. Edenor was optimistic in its communication and considered that the system’s normalization maneuvers would take place in a staggered manner, but “it is expected to gradually restore the service in the next two hours.” That was largely fulfilled, according to the report that this afternoon was given on the ENRE page.

The areas affected by the massive cut

In the first hours, social networks were the communication channel about supply cuts. In the networks, power cuts were reported in the neighbors of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano, Palermo, Nunez, Devotee, Schoolboys, Recoleta, Villa Pueyrredón Y Villa Urquiza, Agronomy, Versalles, Villa Santa Rita, Villa del Parque.

Also to the municipalities of Vicente López, Tigre, Pilar, Tres de Febrero, Lomas de Zamora, San Martín, General Rodríguez and Morón, according to the complaints made by users of those points on social networks.

In the province of Buenos Aires, failures were detected in Vicente Lopez, Tiger, San Isidro, Escobar, February 3, Lomas de zamora, Hummock, San Martín and General Rodríguez. All these cuts were later confirmed by the official information from the distributors and the ENRE.

The massive electrical system failure on the Buenos aires city and in the Greater Buenos Aires It occurred after the demand for electricity was close to 27,000 MW. The heat wave is felt more and more throughout the country and in the metropolitan region this Tuesday the temperature exceeded 39 degrees.

Two weeks ago, on December 29, with an average temperature of 31.7 ° C, the highest consumption peak was recorded, reaching 27,088 MW, at 2:28 p.m. That peak was to be overcome today, when the massive outage occurred.

High temperatures are projected for the entire week, until Sunday’s rains bring relief. These data suggest to energy analysts that the consumption record could be reached several times this week.

Distributors advise setting the air conditioning to 24 degrees for a more balanced consumption and alternate it with a fan, which consumes up to 12 times less. They also advise closing doors and windows, to prevent the entry of air from outside into the air-conditioned environment; the use of curtains, eaves or awnings on the windows, which helps reduce energy consumption to air-condition an environment.

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