"Wie jede andere Atemwegserkrankung beobachten" – Spanien will bei COVID-19 Umdenken in Europa

11 Jan. 2022 20:30

In Spain, there is a rethinking of how to deal with COVID-19. Against the background of the spreading omicron variane, Prime Minister Sánchez declared on January 10th that it was time to assess the situation “with new parameters”.

As in France, for example, people in neighboring Spain repeatedly protests against what they consider to be the disproportionate policy of their government. At the same time, the positive tests also increase here due to the rapidly expanding Omikron variant. For Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, this was reason enough to make the wearing of masks obligatory again at the end of December 2021, also outdoors where the now obligatory “distance” cannot be maintained. In addition, they want to increase the vaccination rate and hire more medical staff, he said.

Meanwhile, there is increasing scientific data that suggest a milder course of the disease after an actual infection with the Omicron variant – which many experts consider an opportunity to enable people to return to “normality” in the foreseeable future.

In view of the current developments, there is now a change in strategy in the policy of measures in Spain. Prime Minister Sánchez took hold of the radio station on Monday SER string on this matter the floor. Against the background of a falling mortality rate from COVID-19, it is now time to break new ground in terms of the corona pandemic. He wanted to encourage the EU to “treat COVID-19 more like an endemic disease” – a regularly occurring, lighter disease like the flu – and to move away from the surveillance system that, according to Sánchez, was necessary to control the pandemic may be.

The Prime Minister confirmed a report in the newspaper The country, according to which the Spanish government is considering an alternative corona surveillance system. In Madrid’s view, it is now a matter of evaluating COVID-19 “on a technical and European level (…) using new parameters than before.” This debate must now be opened.

As The country reported that the Spanish health authorities are finalizing a plan for a COVID-19 control system, “based on the system that has been used to control the flu for years.” Now it should no longer be a question of orienting oneself on the daily water level reports on the number of positive tests, but rather of drawing conclusions “from a statistically significant sample.”

Epidemiologist Pürner: "In principle, the pandemic is over"

The new system will extrapolate the numbers from a statistically significant sample rather than relying on the daily reporting of every single infection diagnosed.

As elsewhere, the number of those who tested positive for the Omikron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen is reaching new heights in Spain. At the same time, at the end of December, the Spanish government reduced the isolation time from ten to seven days for people who tested positive for COVID-19 but all too often turn out to be asymptomatic. The mandatory quarantine for close and symptom-free contacts of those who tested positive has also been shortened to seven days.

The conversion of the corona policy now planned in Spain is specifically about the introduction of a so-called sentinel system. According to the new system, every single positive test that is diagnosed is no longer reported. Tests are also dispensed with if the symptoms are normal. Rather, COVID-19 should be “observed like any other respiratory disease,” according to The country. Selected family doctors, health centers and hospitals would be used to monitor the situation in order to obtain statistically meaningful samples based on targeted surveys.

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