"I have to scold him": Josué's sudden 'crack' against his girlfriend Zoe in 'Temptations'

The relationship between Josué and Zoe could be blown up in the final bonfire of ‘The Island of Temptations’ judging by the outburst of sincerity that the contestant has had with the single women and his villagers. He has put her back and a half for exceeding everyone at the stake.

It all started with Jennifer’s confession to Josué, who prepared her body for when she saw that during the meeting with her girlfriend revealed the racy conversations they had before he started his relationship with Zoe.

“My girlfriend is rude, foul-mouthed and I’ve had to scold her many times”

“I know you are not going to like what you are going to see when you see it. I got it from the videos that we sent each other“The single admitted provoking a fit of anger in the contestant. “Go ahead and screw you, girl! It’s a big mouth shitty and he has to talk about things from the past, about when I was single and that my girlfriend neither does nor does it come to her, “he said loudly.

“Good thing it’s the last night, because that is being mean, playing dirty and being a bad person. Why do you have to tell my girlfriend that we have seen videos or we have had horny conversations? “, He added tremendously annoyed. An attack in the form of a question that the temptress dodged and took advantage of to bring out Zoe’s insults to her and to the rest of the single women during the bonfires: “Why does your girlfriend have to say ‘pig’ to me? Sow me, of what? “.

It was then that, completely unexpectedly, the young man lashed out at his own girlfriend in front of everyone: “I speak for myself, not for my girlfriend. My girlfriend is a rude, a foul-mouthed and I have had to scold him many times. It seems super bad that I have insulted you, to you, to you and to you, and when I leave here I will tell him. ”

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“I shook hands with the kid who came, because when you have to be a gentleman you have to be and when you have to be a son of a bitch, too“, he finished indignantly as he left the room. A tension that, according to the advance of the program for the final program, it is seen that he continues to have in front of his girl at the definitive stake.

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