He told Troyanova about his son's suicide, went to a psychiatrist after breaking up with her.  Voiceover dramas by Vasily Sigarev

On January 11, 1977, Vasily Sigarev was born in Verkhnyaya Salda of the Sverdlovsk region, who was destined to leave a mark on Russian cinema. The craving for art originated in childhood: at the age of nine, Vasily saw the film “Come and See” by Elem Klimov and left the cinema as a different person. The cruel picture of the war was forever imprinted in the brain, and later Sigarev tried to achieve a similar shocking effect in his own film “To Live” – ​​the audience literally felt the same as the on-screen characters.

“Volchok”, “Country of OZ”, the play “Black Milk” – the main roles in these works of the director and screenwriter were played by Yana Troyanova, and now it is impossible to imagine someone else in her place. The actress became Sigarev’s companion and muse. Why did the lovers split up after 17 years of marriage?

International success

Vasily grew up in a simple family: dad worked in a factory, mom in a poultry farm. Since childhood, the boy created stories and sketches of scripts, dreaming of becoming a writer. However, Sigarev could not enter the capital’s institute, or rather, his parents would not have pulled funding for education.

“Sigarev dreamed of breaking free – from a small town, from a destined life. I entered the pedagogical institute in Nizhny Tagil, married a classmate early, my daughter Liza was born, ”Yana Troyanova shared.

The guy never graduated from a university in Nizhny Tagil, realizing that he was wasting precious time. Sigarev groped his way by entering the Yekaterinburg Theater Institute, where he studied the art of drama with Nikolai Kolyada. Within the walls of the alma mater, the student created the first plays, which were published in Russian and foreign publications. While foreign directors staged performances based on Vasily’s scripts, he was waiting for the finest hour in his homeland.

And he waited in 2000, when he received the “Debut” award for the play “Plasticine”. In Russia, the director of the play was Kirill Serebrennikov, and in England – Alan Rickman himself. Not surprisingly, a few years later, the project won the Anti-Booker, Eureka, New Style and British Evening Standard awards. So, at the age of 25, Sigarev turned into a recognized Ural genius.

Meeting with Troyanova

Yana began her career as an actress in “Teatron”

The acting fate of Yana Troyanova was difficult: in her youth she actively played in the amateur performances, but due to a difficult situation in the family and the birth of a son Nikolai at 17, she went not to storm the theater, but to work in an elite tea store. At 24, Yana realized that she had to get an education and entered the philosophy department of the Ural State University.

This success inspired the student, and she applied for a correspondence course at the acting department: the head of Teatron promised that if Troyanova was taken on the budget, then she would be guaranteed a place in the troupe. Soon Yana became the favorite of the master Vyacheslav Anisimov, but the girl’s classmates could not stand the girl. However, she could have finished her studies at the university if she had not met a man with whom she “coincided like a plug with a socket.”

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The head of the literary department of “Teatron” saw in Yana the main character of Sigarev’s play “Black Milk” and decided to persuade the director to stage the play on the local stage. But Vasily refused to give the key role to Troyanova: he was afraid of the pathos of the actresses of the old school, so he did not even begin to find out whose candidacy he was being persistently offered.

Everything was resolved when Yana accidentally ran into the director on the street and asked him for a lighter: Sigarev clarified who approached him, and immediately approved the actress for the role of Petty. However, Troyanova did not differ in impeccable discipline: she was an hour late for the second rehearsal, since she had been drinking with a friend the day before due to the completion of a long and painful romance.

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At first, Sigarev got angry with the irresponsible artist, but after Yana’s honest confession in the night binge, he changed his anger to mercy and invited the blonde to have a couple of glasses. As a result, the director and actress disappeared for a week: they locked themselves in with Troyanova and vied with each other to tell each other everything about their past.

From scratch

“By the time we met, Vasya’s relations with his wife had already gone wrong, they were on the verge of divorce, so I didn’t have the feeling that I was taking him away from the family,” Yana emphasized. – We returned to Teatron a week later together. The theater was already buzzing: “Oh, it is clear how Troyanova got the main role.” It’s amazing, everyone knew perfectly well how it really was, but no: through the bed – period. But this war has united me and Sigarev even more ”.

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The internal conflict in Teatron grew to the point that Troyanova quit, and Sigarev eventually staged his play at the Puppet Theater as an experiment. For a whole year, the performance was sold out. Once inspired by new success, Vasily simply took and transported things to Yana: without asking. She did not mind, especially since she appreciated the noble gesture of her beloved in relation to the former family: the director left all the property to his wife and continued to communicate with her daughter Lisa.

They started everything from scratch: they rented an apartment, Yana left the university. Sigarev became the main teacher of Troyanova, who revealed everything in the actress that she was ashamed of. It was not just love, but also a powerful partnership. True, luck did not always accompany the couple. So, the director and the artist flew out of the theater of Nikolai Kolyada with a bang and were left out of work …

General pain

The couple had money, because Sigarev received royalties for plays staged by European directors, but there was frankly nothing to do. The lovers spent money in the casino and drank, but it was at the time of general depression that Vasily took up the script for “Volchka”, based on Troyanova’s stories about his mother.

When it seemed that everything was doomed to failure, Sigarev found a sponsor and directed the drama that won the main prize of Kinotavr. However, the director did not churn out films: only three years later the heartbreaking film “To Live” came out on the screens, and three years later – “Country of OZ”. By the way, in the last film, the role of Gosha Kutsenko was originally supposed to go to Fyodor Bondarchuk.

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“Bondarchuk, you know, did so disgustingly,” Sigarev admitted in an interview with Yuri Dudyu. – We have already filmed, but he once – and did not come. We are sitting – what to do? I went to try it myself, it didn’t work out very well. And they remembered Kutsenko. And he directly agreed in three days and came. He saved us. “

But why did the director only have three works in 12 years? “I didn’t want to make more films, so these three worked out. I am interested in coming up with something new every time. I would love to make small cheap TV series for YouTube, but I don’t see with whom and how yet, ”Vasily noted.

It was not only creative efforts that brought lovers closer. Sigarev was there when Troyanova was going through the drama associated with her son: Nikolai got confused with bad company, used drugs, and in 2011 he committed suicide. It was Vasily who was the first to find out about the tragedy by phone, so he had to personally inform Yana, who was visiting his friend at that moment, about what had happened. “At the last moment, I rushed, dragged her into the apartment and threw her to the floor. She understood immediately, ”the director admitted.

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Soon after the family drama, the film Live was released, where the heroes also lost loved ones. “How will you participate? You’re just there. She saw the film when I edited it. Then Yana went to Peru, went through the ayahuasca ritual, and gradually she felt better, ”Sigarev summed up.


After the tests passed, it seemed that nothing could separate the lovers. The partnership continued, and it was Sigarev who supported Troyanova in her decision to play in the series “Olga”. An entertaining TV movie changed the balance of power in the family.

“If earlier I imagined Vasya as a huge planet, and myself as a small appendage nearby, now this has changed. Sigarev raised me to be an actress who, in his material, is like a fish in water. And then I got stronger – it was the series “Olga” that suddenly put me on an equal footing with Sigarev. At some point, I began to earn even more on the series than Vasya, but this cannot embarrass a man with eggs. Sigarev never fought for supremacy in the family. And I have no stupid prejudice that a man should be the breadwinner. Nobody owes me anything at all! I understand that if it weren’t for Vasya, I wouldn’t even have Olga … After filming, I may not work for a year – and we change financial roles, ”Yana explained.

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In an interview, Troyanova talked about the family idyll: they say, common-law spouses do not limit each other in freedom of choice, they know how to “divide territory”, and therefore calmly survived self-isolation. Imagine the surprise of the fans when it was revealed that the lovers parted in the fall of 2020!

“Troyanova and I have seen a lot. She is my friend and sidekick. We have been living separately since September 2020. A year and a half before that we were no longer together, although we lived in the same territory. As far as I understand, Troyanova fell out of love with me as a man. She told me about it. I even went to a psychiatrist, I could not let go of the situation. Couldn’t figure out how to start a new life. But time heals. I tried to talk … But if something doesn’t suit a person, it’s better not to continue, ”the director summed up.

Despite the breakup, Sigarev promised to continue cooperation with the actress and assured: now they began to better understand and respect each other. Netizens were indignant, suspecting that Troyanova had built a career thanks to Vasily, and then left him, becoming a star.

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“Vasily sees it as:“ she stopped loving me as a man ”… And I wanted to become a separate unit. You call it: “moved in different directions.” I think this is good. Vasily writes a great story. I have to finish with my “Olga”, so I went to directing. Somehow everything turns out to be interesting. It was important for me to disengage. A moment came in my life when I no longer understood: where he is, and where I am. Imagine, 18 years together, in these films, as if digested. I didn’t know: “Volchok” – is this my story or his? Okay, and I – where, I – who? ” – argued Yana.

Against the background of parting and striving for independence, Troyanova refused to play in Sigareva’s Medea, although the project was written specifically for her. The actress plunged into filming “Olga”, appeared in “Marathon of Desires” and the film “How Nadia went to get vodka.” Well, the list of works by Vasily was replenished with scripts for “Americans” and “Comrade Major”. Viewers hope that soon both artists will find personal happiness.

Based on materials from 7 Days, Novaya Gazeta.

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