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Fantino and a hilarious Twitter thread

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Alejandro Fantino invited colleagues who criticized him to fight

After a series of videos of the host Alejandro Fantino went viral, he now came out to respond to criticism and challenged several colleagues.

Last weekend a series of videos of the conductor Alejandro Fantino where he was seen very excited training at his vacation home. After criticism in the networks and on the part of several colleagues, the sports journalist, challenged them to get into a ring.

“Thank you very much for the amount of memes that appeared, and I understand it and it is barbarous because one also lives on that, but I was a little sorry for some silly interpretations, not from networks, from some colleagues and from some turning around” , Fantino began by recounting in a video that he uploaded to his social networks.

Then the driver directly invited to fight those funny people who made fun and also insinuated that he had consumed some substance, “Once I finish training to fight five rounds with the Ninja in March, I am going to start challenging three or four piolas in the middle, the comedians, the laughs at everyone. “

Finally Alejandro Fantino He pointed out that he is going to continue uploading videos like the ones the other day despite the criticism, “I am the same, anyway, I am not going to loosen up with what I like to inflate the p … because I was raised that way. My old man was a permanent humor guy, and I’m going to keep it that way. If someone understands that as something is happening to me, it is a shame, but it is not like that … I close with this: there are three or four piolas, alive, who kill and laugh at everyone, in one or two weeks We are going to see how much they laugh at the invitation that I am going to offer them, with all due respect ”.

Alejandro Fantino and a dance that generated a stir in the networks

Alejandro Fantino became a trend this weekend for a series of videos that he uploaded to his social networks in which he is seen performing an “atypical” dance and with an unusual face.

The driver is not usually a habit of social networks, in fact it must be one of the few times that content of this style is uploaded and that is why last weekend he surprised everyone. In the videos The journalist is seen training at home, dancing, lighting a kind of incense and making all kinds of faces that raised suspicions among network users.

“Afterbeach. Solo”, wrote Fantino accompanying the posting on his Instagram stories, where he is seen in a large house on a beach, with white shorts and with no one around.

“Fantino winner of the category” milkfish got shot for much less “;” Please don’t take more drugs after 40! And less with a cell in hand! If you can’t stay like Fantino! “Were some of the messages that circulated on social networks and that reacted to the conductor’s curious dance.

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