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  • After days of threats, Emre kidnaps Bahar to get revenge on Ateş

  • Although she’s out of control, Bahar’s words get her to free her

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Seeing Sinem so determined to file for divorce has devastated Emre. In addition, he feels cornered in the presence of an Ateş who pressures him to sign the papers as soon as possible. When he takes Bahar to the cliff his goal is that the lawyer suffers in the same way that he is suffering, but he soon collapses upon hearing Bahar’s words: “It’s fine now. What do you think will happen, what are you going to get by fucking me? Do you think that is how he will come back to you? No and it will be much worse. So you will lose it forever. You haven’t spoiled anything yet. She loved you too and still loves you, but you haven’t made it easy for her. Can’t you see that now all he feels is fear? You don’t let anyone get close to you, much less love you. You could start over ”.

In the next chapter of ‘He stole my life’ we will see how this dramatic episode affects Bahar’s life. What’s more, we will witness the new life of Efsun, now that you have decided to forget about your biological family.

The request for the hand of Ateş and Bahar

That the couple had wanted to marry for a long time was a fact, however, the arrival of Mücella has precipitated the plans and in a matter of two days the expected ritual takes place in Gelincik. In the absence of Ateş’s aunt, it is his partner who intercedes for him to ask for the girl’s hand. Nuran attends stunned at how quickly everything has been organized, but İlyas has it more than clear, Bahar’s place is next to the lawyer.

Ateş asks for Bahar’s hand

Efsun puts an end to his relationship with the Demirci

Efsun observes from the outside how his sister manages to be happy while she finds herself divided between two worlds without actually belonging to either of them. It seems that his history with Ismail could have a future, but Nuran has taken it upon himself to take away all the illusion. What’s more, That his own mother did not notify him of Bahar’s request for a hand marks a before and after for Efsun, who decides to cut any kind of relationship with her, with İlyas and with Bahar.

Efsun breaks relations with Nuran and the Demirci

Bahar in grave danger

The happiness of the couple for having made their relationship official only lasts a few hours. The next morning, photographs and photographs are found at the inn. a bloodied portrait of Bahar. Clearly someone is coming for them. The first person that comes to mind is Onur, who continues without turning the page. However, Sinem informs Ateş that her still husband, Emre, you’ve been in psychological treatment and has dangerous behaviors in extreme situations. Indeed, his suspicions are confirmed when Sinem and the lawyer go to the place where the marriage story began, on the cliff, where Emre holds Bahar to the edge of the cliff.

The Atahan Story, Monday through Friday at Divinity

While Bahar is in an extreme situation, Mehmet Emir and Fulya’s marriage has ended up breaking up. The businessman has already confessed to Hasret his feelings for her and Fulya’s obsessive behavior has confirmed his decision: he is leaving the mansion. Edibe has ordered Hülya to intercede in marriage, otherwise, Mehmet Emir will distance himself from the Atahan even further and put more power in Efsun’s hands. Will Edibe make the marriage make amends? Will Hasret step forward and resume his love story? If you want to find out, do not miss the new chapters of ‘He stole my life’. Monday through Friday at 11:00 p.m. at Divinity.

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