"Do not sell the motorcycle": David explains on Twitter how video games help children and it goes viral

Some people may come to think that consoles and video games can negatively affect the growth of children. Hence, many parents do not want their children to be educated in an environment with controls and screens.

This is not the case with David Ferriz, a videogame designer who, through a thread on Twitter, has explained how they can help develop the creativity of the smallest members of the household.

“A neuropsychologist said yesterday in The country that if a six-year-old has a console, he will lose interest in drawing, “said Ferriz, starting a thread on the social network.” Well, I’m not a neuropsychologist, but I have 2 children who are growing up surrounded by video game (his mom and I are dedicated to it). I tell you my experience, “he began.

Accompanied by a video of his two sons playing a console, David tries to make people aware that video games are “a very powerful cultural product to enhance children’s creativity, as much or more than cinema, literature or music“.

Like other cultural products, they should be used with measure, choosing products that are appropriate for their age, sharing them with the family and never being the only alternative “, he clarified, starting a chain of videos where he makes the most of the games with which his friends are entertained. children.

Ferriz assures that thanks to the mechanics of these games, other beneficial things can be obtained so that the little ones can show off their creative side. “Last year he discovered Zelda, a game that although not suitable for his age, has mechanics that he likes a lot like walking, climbing, exploring, cooking, “he said, as an example.”What other things did we do besides playing Zelda? The first … make a wooden weapon together“, he explained, attaching a video where they built the toy weapons or went to the field to carry out activities that appear in the video game.

After Zelda came Paper Mario and that was a good opportunity to do some origami and design some analog video games with different mechanics “, he proposed, arguing his opinion. Another idea was to make a manual Super Mario Bros with paper, a Prince of Persia playing with the shadows of a fork, a Angry Birds with dominoes or interpreting with wood the skittles in the Wii Sports.

My experience as a parent and game designer tells me that video games They can be a very powerful tool to enhance creativity in children. But it is not worth giving a console and forgetting, it is necessary to accompany them and propose alternative or complementary activities, “he clarified, after a long line of videos giving ideas to other parents.

Ferriz says he does not know if he is a “good father or not”, but asks others not to “sell the motorcycle to them that video games kill creativity“. “What kills creativity is that they don’t let you play and have fun“, he concluded. The thread went viral on Twitter and, in addition to accumulating positive messages and thanks, it has already accumulated more than 4,000 ‘likes’ and almost 2,000 retweets.

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