Djokovic's second lie?  Australia investigates whether the tennis player misled the authorities

The Djokovic case It seems that it is not going to be resolved amicably. The Serbian tennis player, current number one in the ATP and one of the big favorites to win the Australian Open, is in a complicated alley. Justice has proved him right at first, allowing him to stay in the country and returning his visa, contradicting the first decision for not complying with the covid regulations. But a possible lie (which would be the second) could definitely leave him without competing.

It was this Monday when the conversations between Novak Djokovic and customs officials at the same airport, where the agents assured him that he could not enter the country if he did not have the complete vaccination schedule, an essential condition to enter Australia. The Serbian athlete assured that, indeed, he did not have the treatment …, but he had an explanation. He had tested positive for covid in December and that allowed him to have a special permit.

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Nole claimed that both the ATP medical services and the Australian Open had given him the go-ahead to participate in the tournament after this situation, something that customs officials they did not consider enough to let him enter the country, for which his visa was withdrawn and he was detained. Hours later, Justice ruled in favor of Djokovic, but it was at the expense of the decision of the Minister of Immigration, Alex Hawke… that could have decanted, as reported by ‘The Guardian’.

And is that Australian authorities are investigating whether Djokovic lied in his statement to travel to Australia. It is common for some countries to force you to fill out a questionnaire with the reasons for the trip and other information, something that in the time of the coronavirus is taken into account more than ever. And, precisely in that document, dated January 1, Nole might not have been true to the truth, as one of the answers offered collides head-on with their publications on social networks.

“Have you traveled or will you travel in the 14 days prior to your arrival in Australia?”, is one of the questions that appear on the form, to which Djokovic —or, rather, his agent, who was the one who filled out the questionnaire as confirmed by the tennis player himself at customs— answered “No”. However, the publications on his social networks say the opposite: the tennis player traveled to Australia from Spain on January 4, but a series of tweets would confirm that was in Belgrade on christmas day.

Or, put another way, on December 25 a series of photographs were published in which Djokovic appeared in Belgrade with the handball player Petar Djordjic, published by both the left back of Benfica as by José Morgado, Portuguese sports journalist. So, if you were in Serbia that day and your trip to Australia was made from Spain, yes I had breached this precept, an alleged lie that Australia’s border laws they consider a serious offense.

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But do you remember that we said that Djokovic had special permission for having tested positive for covid? The player assured that his positive was the December 16…, but then he would have attended three different events in two days, being positive: he was in a debate with the basketball coach, Zeljko Obradovic; at the awards ceremony for the best tennis players of 2021 chosen by the Belgrade Tennis Association, and at a ceremony by the Serbian National Post Service.

The document submitted by the lawyers points out that “Djokovic had received, on December 30, 2021, a letter from the medical director of Tennis Australia, which recorded that he had been provided a ‘medical exemption from vaccination’ because he had recently recovered from covid “. Thus, the legal team says that “at that time, 14 days had passed since the positive PCR“and that” he had not had a fever or respiratory symptoms of covid “in the previous 72 hours. The dates don’t match.

Now, Australian authorities are investigating if Djokovic was not faithful to the truth in the entry form to the country or, if, on the contrary, there is a plausible explanation for this fact (such as, for example, that the photos were from another day and they decided to publish them on December 25). Be that as it may, the final decision on the Djokovic case is in the hand of the Minister of Immigration, time is running out and it does not seem that this is going to have a simple solution in the short term.

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