Corona: Biontech produces Omikron vaccine ++ SPD presents schedule for mandatory vaccination

The numbers of the Corona-New infections after the holidays rose steadily, and yet: The feared massive Omikron-Welle has not yet arrived in Germany. But the federal government continues to assume severe scenarios that the country could face.

The World Health Organization (WHO) even assumes that half of Europeans could have been infected with Omikron in March.


Corona situation in Germany according to RKI (as of January 11):

  • 7 day incidence: 387.9
  • New Covid-19 cases: 45,690
  • Total deaths: 114,351
  • Proportion of people with at least one vaccination: 74.7 percent
  • Proportion of people with booster vaccination: 43.5 percent


Corona news blog: Germany expects the Omikron wave

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December 11, 2022

4.14 p.m.: Forecast: half of Europe could be infected with Omikron in eight weeks

The World Health Organization (WHO), citing an extrapolation, warns that in two months more than half of the people in Europe could be infected with Omikron. Omikron represents a tidal wave sweeping across the European region from west to east and adding to the rise in delta numbers that countries would have experienced by the end of 2021, WHO Regional Director Hans Kluge said at an online press conference in Copenhagen on Tuesday .

Given the current rate of spread, the IHME research institute uses model calculations to predict that more than 50 percent of the population in the region could be infected with Omikron in the next six to eight weeks. In a report it says: “We expect that in the next 6-8 weeks more than 50 percent of the EURO population will be infected with Omikron.”

12.35 p.m.: Almost every fourth PCR test is now positive – maximum value!

Almost every fourth PCR test in Germany was positive at the beginning of January. This is a new high that could be an indicator of the high spread of the Omicron virus variant and a high number of unreported cases.

In the week of January 3-9, 23.4 percent of PCR tests were positive. For comparison: In the week from December 20th to December 26th. it was only 16.4 percent.

6.25 a.m.: Unveiling! Federal government is preparing for THIS extreme situation

According to information from ntv and RTL, the federal government is preparing for an extreme corona crisis situation. The broadcasters have minutes of a meeting between the heads of various aid organizations and the Chancellery. General Carsten Breuer, the head of the Corona crisis team, is also quoted in the protocol.

Accordingly, the government continues to assume a violent omicron wave. In a best case scenario, i.e. in the best case, the incidence is less than 1500. This wave could last four to six weeks, “depending on the height of the peak”.

In a worst-case scenario, the worst case scenario, the crisis round considers an incidence of 2000 to 4000 possible. Regional hotspots can cause such high levels of stress in the clinics that the “cloverleaf principle”, i.e. the division of intensive care patients across the country, can no longer be implemented. The federal government assumes a crisis of two to three weeks in this scenario, report RTL and ntv.

6.10 a.m.: Is the vaccination only mandatory for people over 50?

Members of the CDU and CSU are preparing a legislative proposal for an age-dependent vaccination requirement. The group of health and legal politicians of the group wants to introduce compulsory vaccination for people over 50 years. “Our goal is to bring our own union application on the way,” said the CSU health politician Stephan Pilsinger the newspapers of the Funke media group.

The position of the Union people would come close to that of the FDP health politician Andrew Ullmann, who had also suggested an age-dependent regulation for the group over 50 as in Italy. He wants a tiered regulation: “In a first step, there could be a mandatory vaccination information for everyone, if possible by doctors in the vaccination or test centers,” he told the “Welt”. “If we then see that the vaccination rate does not increase significantly, the next step could be compulsory vaccination for people aged 50 and over, for example.”

Also in the ethics council, which had recommended vaccination, there were two positions in the majority vote on the extent: for everyone over 18 or only for older people and those with previous illnesses.

December 10, 2022

5.15 p.m .: 200 doses of expired vaccine administered

In Leverkusen, citizens with an expired corona vaccine were vaccinated against citizens. 199 vaccinations on January 4th and 6th were affected, the city announced on Monday. As it turned out, the vaccine from the manufacturer Moderna had already expired two or four days at this point in time.

The breakdown was noticed on Friday when checking a vaccination center in the city center. “The cause of the incorrect use of the vaccine lies in an incorrect assignment of the best-before date on the basis of the delivery note, which was created within the scope of the supply chain by the service providers involved,” explained the city. However, everything is medically harmless, the city continues. All vaccinated people have been contacted. You were offered an antibody test.

7.10 a.m.: Deltacron – New dangerous Corona variant emerged?

Researchers in Cyprus seem to have spotted a new variant of the virus. It is apparently a mutation between Delta and Omicron. The scientists report that infected people were infected with Delta and Omikron, whereby the genetic material of the variants apparently combined with one another.

The molecular biologist and virologist Leondios Kostrikis from the University of Cyprus called the discovery of this virus strand “Deltacron”.

The British virologist Tom Peacock expressed doubts about the discovery. He considers it possible that the finding could have been caused by contamination in the laboratory. Peacock justifies this assumption with the fact that the sequences are not grouped on a phylogenetic tree.

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6.45 a.m.: Karl Lauterbach against contamination with Omikron

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach once again warned against underestimating the Omikron variant. “We cannot let that go through,” said Lauterbach in the “Report from Berlin”. In the ARD broadcast, the minister spoke out against a contamination with Omikron, that would be too risky: “We have reason to assume, also on the basis of new data from the United States, that the unvaccinated are consistently more seriously ill. This will also mean that many unvaccinated people will have to be treated in the intensive care units. “

6.20 a.m.: Duty debacle for Scholz threatens – promise not to be kept?

According to information from the “Tagesspiegel”, Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s attempted introduction of mandatory vaccinations at the beginning of March is likely to fail. This date can no longer be kept, reports the newspaper and appeals to coalition circles.

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The background is the schedule of the Bundestag and Bundesrat as well as complicated legal issues. An orientation debate in the Bundestag is initially planned for January 26th or 27th. In February there should only be one week of meetings in Berlin because of the carnival, so that a Bundestag decision would not be possible until March 14th at the earliest. The Federal Council does not meet again until April 8th.

Without special sessions of the Bundestag and Bundesrat, it would not be possible for a vaccination to come into force before May. The “Tagesspiegel” also writes that the schedule could be postponed further if a central vaccination register is to be set up in parallel.

In this case, the introduction of mandatory vaccinations could even be postponed until June.

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