Citizens pay their disloyalty: they lose up to 12 deputies and only Igea would take their seat

Disloyalty is paid at the ballot box. And Ciudadanos is on the way to fitting another serious setback in Spanish politics after its disaster in Madrid on May 4. If the elections are held today in Castile and Leon planned for 13-F, the oranges would go from being a third force and having been part of the autonomous government to a minimal representation: from 13 seats to just one, that of the headliner and former vice president of the Board, Francisco Igea.

This is reflected in the survey carried out by Data10 for OKDIARIO one month after the holding of these elections, which were advanced by the president Alfonso Fernández Manueco (PP) by surprise. The reason: the loss of confidence in his government partner, from whom the four orange councilors were dismissed on December 20, the day of the dissolution of the regional courts and announcement of the electoral advance.

The Data10 survey, carried out from May 4 to 6 based on 1,000 interviews, places Mañueco, acting president, with 40 seats, that is, only one deputy of the absolute majority (41) after winning 11 more minutes and rising 8.6 points, with 40.1% of the support. However, Citizens would not even reach 5% (with 4.9%) and it would be the fifth force in votes (the last one with representation). Podemos would also have only one seat and the Union of the Leonese People (UPL), two. While Por Ávila would stay out.

Only the former vice president and former counselor for Transparency, Spatial Planning and Foreign Action, Francisco Igea, now head of the list for Valladolid without primaries, would retain the seat. The oranges would lose their seat in Avila, the two in Burgos, the two in León, the one in Palencia, the two in Salamanca, the one in Segovia, two of the three in Valladolid and the other in Zamora. For Soria, Cs did not get any attorney in 2019.

Data10 survey for OKDIARIO.

Specifically, the party of Inés Arrimadas it would barely garner 64,000 votes compared to the 205,000 that it obtained in the 2019 regional elections, when it reached 14.96% of the votes and had the key to the government. Instead of agreeing with the PSOE, which had won the elections by just 45,000 votes ahead of the PP, Cs opted for the PP to continue presiding over the Board in exchange for a legislature agreement and that the party then led by Albert Rivera assumed the government of some places such as the mayor of Palencia.

Motion of censure

However, this government pact was blown up on December 20 when Mañueco announced the dismissal of the four Cs councilors and the electoral advance for having occurred contacts behind his back between the oranges and Por Ávila in the face of the Budgets and handling for months the possibility of a motion of censure by PSOE and Cs against the PP, as happened in Murcia and was also considered in Madrid.

The rise of the PP, at the expense of the votes that Ciudadanos loses, would allow those of Mañueco to be first force in all constituencies in votes and seats, except in Burgos where there would be a tie to four attorneys with the PSOE. In the 2019 elections, the Socialist Party was the winning option in support in all constituencies, except in Ávila and Salamanca, where the PP won. Now, in the community as a whole, those of Luis Tudanca it would not exceed 26 attorneys, leaving nine seats and 5.9 points (28.9%).

In addition, Mañueco could govern alone with the external support of Vox, which would become third force (with 11 deputies and 12.8% of the ballots), as does the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, from last 4-M.

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