CIA-Folter: Guantanamos Langzeit-Häftling Abu Subaida erhält 100.000 Euro Entschädigung

The notorious US prison camp Guantánamo Bay on the island of Cuba has existed for 20 years. Lithuania has now compensated the current Guantanamo prisoner Abu Subaida with 100,000 euros for temporarily allowing the US secret service CIA to keep these prisoners in a secret CIA facility outside the capital Vilnius. the Guardian reported on the compensation on Monday. Abu Subaida, his real name Zain al-Abidin Muhammad Husain, reportedly detained and tortured in the secret prison in Lithuania from February 2005 to March 2006.

Abu Subaida is considered one of the “eternal prisoners” in the US prison camp near the US naval base in Guantánamo Bay in Cuba. He was arrested six months after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in Pakistan. The then US administration under George W. Bush and the CIA had justified his imprisonment and torture with the fact that he was a leading figure in the terrorist group al-Qaeda.

However, it later emerged that Abu Subaida was not part of the group, although he was never charged for his alleged involvement in the terrorist attacks. However, he has remained in US detention for more than 20 years without charge or conviction. He is also said to have been systematically tortured by the CIA.

However, Abu Subaida does not have access to this compensation as he is still in custody and his assets are frozen in the United States. The sum was transferred to a bank account, according to the report. Abu Subaida’s lawyers suspect that Lithuania would probably not have made the payment without approval from the US.

The most brutal torture Subaida experienced occurred in 2002 when he was held in a secret CIA prison in Thailand. The torture program, which the CIA euphemistically calls “improved interrogation techniques”, was developed for prisoners by two psychologists on behalf of the CIA. The CIA kidnapped at least 119 alleged “terror suspects” between 2002 and 2008. The accused were taken by air to so-called “black sites” – in CIA / US secret prisons in Afghanistan, Lithuania, Poland and Thailand, among others.

The US prison camp in Cuba was set up in January 2002, around four months after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, under the US presidency of George W. Bush in the US military base at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba. There, the US interned suspected Islamist terrorists from Iraq, Afghanistan and Arab countries in order not to have to bring them to justice within the US. Some of the inmates have been innocently detained for years, according to their lawyers.

The first plans to close this illegal prison camp in Guantánamo had been in existence since the end of the reign of George W. Bush. His successor Barack Obama promised the closure several times – before and after he took office. The former US President Trump as Obama’s successor then changed course and announced that Guantánamo would also be kept open in the future. The next U-turn on Guantánamo came under current US President Joseph Biden, who announced he planned to close the camp during his tenure.

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