Better interaction with visitors and less theft: Apple patents a new security system for its store products

We all have assumed that we can enter any Apple Store around the world, approach an exposed iPhone, iPad or Mac and use it practically as if it were ours. A most useful experience when we want to try a new product, but one that can facilitate theft.

A system that combines elegance and safety

Faced with this situation, Apple has patented a new device display system that allows us to interact with them comfortably and, at the same time, protects them from friends of others. Discovered by Patently Apple, the patent entitled “Product-Display System” poses the challenges of combining aesthetics and safety.

A device that embraces the iPhone, iPad or Mac to prevent its theft totally breaks the aesthetics of the product and prevents us from getting a comfortable idea of ​​it. Apple proposes a system that makes these small clamps or connections as less intrusive as possible, also hiding the charging cables.

Various proposals that relate to product display systems are studied to show products to potential buyers in a visually appealing way. Such product display systems can also make displayed products available for use (for example, for testing) by potential buyers, while limiting the potential buyer’s ability to remove the product from a display area.

With the system that Apple proposes, no clamps or cables would be seen in the exposure system, although these will be there to prevent the disappearance of the device. Considering the patent images, it would appear that Apple intends to toughen anti-theft measures. Some measures that, according to the company itself, have to be careful not to interfere with the testing experience in stores and not prevent us from getting a clear idea of ​​the product, including, for example, its weight.

Apple Store Security Patent 2

Apple has always been characterized by leaving great freedom within the Apple Store. In certain stores, devices could be removed from their displays to, for example, test an Apple Pencil with an iPad, or place a case on a specific iPhone. Yes OK As customers, we surely appreciate the brand’s trust in us., It is clear that Apple is looking for ways to prevent thefts that happen in stores.

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As we always comment on these types of articles, we should remember that we are talking about a patent. This means that while Apple has been investigating ways to display and sell the devices without exposing them to theft, they do not necessarily have to be found in the company’s stores. In fact, beyond the patent filing date, we do not know when Apple decided to investigate this system, including whether the patented system predates the one currently in stores.

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