They discover a new species of frog in Panama and baptize it Greta Thunberg

Panama- A international team led by biologists from Panama and Switzerland discovered a new species from rana in a Panamanian cloud forest what was christened “Greta Thunberg”, in honor of the young Swedish activist and her efforts in the face of the climate crisis.

The rana by Greta Thunberg (Pristimantis gretathunbergae sp. nov.) belongs to the group of rain frogsrainfrogs) of the genus Pristimantis, Family StrabomantidaeThe biologist and director of the ADOPTA Bosque Association told Efe on Monday, Guido Berguido.

The article in which the new species is described and named officially it was published this monday in the ZooKeys scientific journal from Pensof publishert.

The specimen it was discovered by an international team of biologists led by doctors Abel batista, from Panama, Y Konrad Mebert (switzerland) in the Cerro Chucantí, a private reserve located in the province of Darien and managed by ADOPTA Bosque.

The new species frog “is endemic to Panama, it is only reported on the Republic of Panama and only dwells in the High mountains of Darien and in the Central Panama. I mean, what has a very restricted habitat and therefore it is vulnerable to extinction “Berguido explained.

The amphibian has black eyes, a single tear andbetween the frogs from Central American rain, and their closest relatives live in northwestern Colombia, indicated the Ministry of the Environment of Panama and the ADOPTA Bosque Association.

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The Ministry of Environment Panamanian and the ADOPTA Bosque Association they highlighted that “the grim situation from rana from Greta Thunberg is closely related to the climate change“.

“Rising temperatures would destroy their small mountain habitat”, since “the region around Cerro Chucanti has already lost more than 30% of its forest cover in recent years”They added in separate pronouncements.

Other tomenaza for the new species of frog is the deadly chytrid fungus, that affects the skin of whats amphibians, both agencies said.

The Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis is he mushroom name causing the illness from piel that it affects already more than 700 species of amphibians and has caused the slope from populations all over the world, as well as the extinction almost 200 species.


In 2018, Rainforest Trust, a US-based non-profit organization, celebrated its 30th anniversary organizing a auction where they offered the Rights from name some species new for the science.

The winner dand this auction proposed name the new frog discovered in Darien throughto honor Greta Thunberg and its efforts before the climate crisis, said the Panamanian Ministry of the Environment.

“His ‘School Strike for Climate Action’ before the Swedish Parliament has inspired students around the world to carry out similar strikes called Fridays for the Future. She has impressed world leaders and her work is drawing others to climate action. ” indicated the official information.


Berguido told Efe that the new species it was discovered as part of doctoral work in ABatista’s lemania, that “It consisted of doing an analysis of the amphibians in Darien.”

Arrive to Cloudy forest where was the frog found involves riding largas hours on horseback via muddy trails, walk for slopes steep, pass two helicopters crashed decades ago, and camp up of the 1,000 meters of altitude “.

The fact that this discovery was made in a private reserve “is of great importance (…) it is a wake-up call that we have much to discover, study and conserve in our country,” said the director of Adopta Bosque. EFE

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