The situation of those involved in the Buenos Aires judicial table is complicated

The situation of several former Buenos Aires officials and former AFI directors during the Cambiemos administration was complicated today by the decision of the court to charge them in the file investigating the actions of a judicial panel to persecute union leaders in the province of Buenos Aires. .

The federal prosecutor of La Plata Ana Russo extended the accusation to all the participants of the 2017 meeting at the Buenos Aires headquarters of Banco Provincia, in which the setting up of legal cases against trade unionists was promoted, in accordance with what was then expressed by Marcelo Villegas , former Minister of Labor of former Governor María Eugenia Vidal, in favor of promoting a “Gestapo” to harm union leaders.

This fact was considered Monday as “very worrying” by President Alberto Fernández, who rejected the arguments made by Vidal on the Buenos Aires judicial table and warned: “It is a crime to use the State machinery to overturn it to the detriment of a person and build the reasons to be able to stop it. “

“It is very worrying that he has sent a minister and a mayor to meet with intelligence agents and businessmen to invent a way to imprison a union member,” said the President, referring to Vidal, in an interview with radio AM750.

The investigation, prompted by a complaint from the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), is supported by the discovery of a video in which former Minister Villegas and other ex-Macrista officials can be seen meeting with businessmen and spies with the supposed objective of promoting a judicial persecution of trade unionists.

In addition to Villegas, the meeting was attended by Adrián Grassi (former Under Secretary of Justice of the Province of Buenos Aires), Roberto Gigante (former Minister of Infrastructure from Buenos Aires), the provincial senator of Juan Pablo Allan, the mayor of La Plata, Julio Garro, and five businessmen, according to the text of the complaint.

They were also at that meeting -concreted at the Buenos Aires headquarters of Banco Provincia- Diego Dalmau Pereyra, former head of Counterintelligence of the AFI; Darío Biorci, Silvia Majdalani’s brother-in-law and former head of the Cabinet, and Sebastián De Stéfano, former head of the legal department of the spy center.

The representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office presented the request for investigation before the federal judge of La Plata, Ernesto Kreplak.

The Justice must determine what that video was doing in the hands of the AFI, commanded, then, by Gustavo Arribas and Silvia Majdalani, and if what was recorded there is indeed the planning of a strategy to persecute leaders whom the Vidal government considered political adversaries or enemies.

Today, the AFI inspector, Cristina Caamano, considered that the installation of a judicial table during the Government of Cambiemos “was not something improvised” and assured that the ex-president Mauricio Macri “has been putting this together since he was president of Boca.”

“This was not something improvised. Those who think that Macri is nothing more than a tilingo, are wrong,” said Caamano in dialogue with AM 750 and in the same sense he deepened: “This (the coordination between espionage and the Judiciary) he did. He has been building for many years, since he was president of Boca. The causes when they arrive at Comodoro PRO are stopped “.

In addition, Caamaño insisted on the suspicion that the cameras that recorded the meetings at the Banco Provincia headquarters “were set up by the AFI” and defined as “a Pandora’s Box” all the material found in the offices of the entity that leads, for which did not rule out that new videos may appear in the future.

For his part, the Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, considered that justice “must fully get involved” in the investigation and “punish those responsible.”

On the other hand, tomorrow, Buenos Aires senators will formally enable the raid on the offices of legislator Juan Pablo Allan, requested by Judge Kreplak.

Although the PRO legislator had already given his consent for the judicial procedure to be carried out, a special session was convened starting at 2:00 p.m. to comply with the formal endorsement of the body, necessary to materialize the raid.

Meanwhile, the deputy Eduardo Valdés – a member of the Intelligence bicameral – evaluated today that what was revealed at the 2017 meeting had its correlate in actions that the Government of Mauricio Macri carried out against trade unionists.

He pointed out that in that meeting the participants discussed how to pre-establish legal cases against the former head of the United Maritime Workers Union (SOMU) Omar “Caballo” Suárez and the former head of the Uocra of La Plata, Juan Pablo “Pata” Medina, who finally had to serve a sentence .

“Everything they speak there was made concrete with all the weapons that they said had to be used. Those espionage bases placed in the province of Buenos Aires were armed to spy on trade unionists and opponents,” he stressed.

He also announced that the intelligence bicameral “are going to appear before the Magistracy Council” to denounce the chambermaids Mariano Llorens and Pablo Bertuzzi for prevarication for the ruling in which they considered that there was no illicit association in the case of illegal espionage known as “Super Mario Bros”.

In this context, the Frente de Todos will seek this week to initiate the process to promote the impeachment of the attorney general of the Buenos Aires Supreme Court, Julio Conte Grand, one of those mentioned in the 2017 meeting as an articulator in the assembly of cases.

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