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Regarding the note published on 3/1 referring to the Monteros sewage treatment plant, the former mayor Olea maintains that he turned it over in operation for the SAT to take over. Three things to say: the plant was inaugurated twice because the first time a flood of the Romano river made it useless (it is located on its banks); second: no one in Monteros, except Olea, can claim that it ever worked; and third: if the SAT, emblem of state inefficiency in Tucumán, was to administer it, we have no hope that it will one day work. In reality, this official was never interested in the environmental problems of our city. And we firmly support him because he received, just started his management in 2003, the project of a treatment plant for urban solid waste (the first in all of Tucumán), from the hands of our environmental organization Pacto Verde and teaching staff from the National Technological University , by the sanitary engineer Antonio García. This project already had an approved credit line from the World Bank for its construction and it was only necessary to begin the negotiations. But everything died before being born when the devil (or politics) stuck his tail. The former governor Alperovich, instead of directing everything he started, wanted to make this important environmental issue a profitable issue, forming consortiums to install several plants in Tucumán. For this, it modified the provincial law on Waste Management, to enable the legality of this maneuver. But it was forgotten that this problem requires the essential citizen participation to accept, first the installation of the plant and then collaborate with the household separation of waste, among other things. Conclusion: in 2009 the previous law was returned, when the management of everything was in charge of the municipal governments and 18 years later we still do not solve the terrible pollution caused by not treating the daily generation of garbage that we produce. And all thanks to the former mayor Olea for not defending a work of absolute benefit for the monterizos and former governor Alperovich, for prioritizing business before environmental solutions. Moral: the pressing problems of pollution will never have a solution in the hands of a mediocre and unprepared leadership, which does not see beyond their noses (except for honorable exceptions), and above all without giving room to the professional suitability of the university environment and citizens, first beneficiary or harmed, of his regrettable efforts.

Ricardo A. Rearte

Pje. Díaz Vélez 66 – Monteros

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