Nightmare at a retiree's home in City Bell

The block of 446, between 23 and 24, where the robbery occurred / S. Casali

Between 6:00 and 7:00 PM last Saturday, a City Bell retiree lived through hours of despair. It was due to the entry of an armed hooded man into his home.

The woman was taking apart the Christmas tree when the stranger appeared in the living room and gave her precise instructions on how she should proceed from there on “if she did not want to suffer serious consequences.”

“I’m professional. Let me work in peace and nothing will happen to you ”, were the words that the intruder wielded, while pointing a long gun at Angela, the victim.

At the door of the house, in 446 between 23 and 24, the victim explained to this newspaper that the surprise encounter blocked her and she only managed to comply with the thief’s demands.

“I didn’t want him to hit me. I didn’t want him to kill me. I was very scared, but there was nothing I could do. I was alone in the house and I didn’t have the phone handy, ”she recalled.

As the woman explained, the thief forced her to go to her room, since he assumed that she kept a large sum of dollars there.

Upon entering, the woman took another strong impression. “When I walked in, I saw my entire room scrambled. I could not believe that this boy had been rummaging through my furniture, while I was taking out and putting away the things from the tree, “he said.

“He was always kind. What I mean is that he did not physically abuse me as he usually does in these cases. Of course, he was insistent on the issue of dollars and very violent with threats. Over and over again he asked me where I had the dollars and at one point he even told me that if he found them he would kill me for lying to him ”, the woman revived.

Determined to put an end to the dramatic situation, Angela began to speak with the young man and offered him 6,000 pesos that she had in her wallet.

“It was all I had at the time. But he was sure he would find dollars. He went through everything and grabbed some gold jewelry that had belonged to my mom. It hurt so bad when he put them in his pocket. But there was nothing he could do. I said, ‘Son, we can fix this another way.’ ‘Don’t tell me son and let me work in peace,’ he replied, “Angela said.

After gathering several valuables, including bottles of wine, the woman’s jewelry and her money, the subject prepared to leave the house when an unexpected situation occurred.

The victim’s daughter and son-in-law entered the house and ended up experiencing the same fate as Angela.

“He took aim at them and led them into the room. And it started again, but with my daughter. ‘Where are the dollars?’ I asked both of them. And the same threat. ‘If I find dollars, I’ll kill them all,’ he said, “he said.

The words and the conviction with which the aggressor spoke deeply penetrated the daughter who preferred not to take risks. Thus, he went to his room and took a handful of US currency that a relative had given him as a psychologist and gave it to the thief.

Upon receiving the greenbacks, the subject took a purse and enlarged the loot. In addition to the dollars and the victims’ cell phones, he added to the list a notebook and several cans of beer that were in the refrigerator. He took all the keys that were hanging with the promise that he would throw them in the yard when he left. “It’s so they don’t follow me,” he said.

Hours later, the subject was captured in 522 and 121. He only had in his possession the phone of the daughter and the jewelry of Angela’s mother.

“I had to make a big expense to change all the locks because I couldn’t find the keys. I’m relieved because I was able to get my mother’s jewelry back, ”Angela said.

Regarding the thief, the woman argued. “I’m very sorry that this boy ended up like this, prisoner. At the police station they told me that he is 27 years old. A person with so much life ahead of him should do something else, not steal. We cannot continue to blame the police and the judges. “

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