Nahir Galarza's mother's reaction: "I believe my daughter, that her father killed Fernando "

Yamina Kroh, Nahir Galarza’s mother, declared for two and a half hours in the Fiscal Unit of Gender Violence, in Paraná. After learning of the new version of the facts about the crime of Fernando Pastorizzo, He expressed that he believes in the innocence of the young woman.

The woman found out through her defense attorney, Raquel Hermida Leyenda, who confirmed tonight that her client will testify before the Justice.

News of the alleged twist in the investigation into the murder of Fernando Pastorizzo caused a stir this week. Nahir Galarza, the youngest woman to receive a life sentence in Argentine criminal history, had confessed to her lawyer that the true perpetrator of the crime was her father, Marcelo Galarza.

In addition, the lawyer reported that the man is also accused of exercising gender violence against his own daughter.

In the last hours, Yamina Kroh, the mother of the young woman from Entre Ríos, learned about the new version of events through Hermida Leyenda. “I believe in my daughter,” said the woman through tears during a meeting with the lawyer. In this way, his daughter would appear in court on Monday to testify against her father.

According to Nahir, on the night of the crime his father followed them in his car, stopped suddenly where Pastorizzo would be killed, who fell off his motorcycle due to the pursuit. Galarza, always in accordance with the new version of Nahir (who previously said that he had killed him by accident), took his regulation 9-millimeter weapon, which was on the floor, and shot Fernando twice.

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