The repercussions on the “Gestapo” during the government of María Eugenia Vidal in the province of Buenos Aires continue. In addition to anticipating that there could be more videos of the judicial table, the current inspector of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), Cristina Caamaño, differentiated her management in the institution with respect to the macrista, led by Gustavo Arribas.

In statements to AM 750, the official sought to bring tranquility to society and explained the actions that the AFI carries out with the Frente de Todos as the ruling coalition and, according to her eyes, detail what happened during the presidency of Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) . In this sense, Caamaño spoke of the differences in “reserved expenses”, “encrypted telephones” and the “link between the AFI and the Judicial Branch of the Nation.”

When it comes to reserved expenses, these are funds that are used in an undeclared way. Regarding this, the AFI auditor pointed out: “When we arrived, more than 99 percent of the expenses were reserved. The only public expenses were the salaries of the former directors of the AFI ”, remarked Caamano. Currently, as he assured, this type of expenses fell to “9 and a little more percent.” He also remarked that when Cristina Kirchner was president “he had repealed them”, while Macri “returned them in his first decree,” he said.

On encrypted phones, the official acknowledged that “a very small group” has them. “There must be 10 in the entire Agency, if we get to 10. They had 120, of which approximately 60 were for agents,” compared Caamaño, who did not consider that to be wrong. In fact, he explained, “You may have to have a secret conversation. They gave me one that is in my drawer. I never used it, “he said. In this sense, he accused that during the macrismo the encrypted telephones “were owned by people from the Government, not from the Agency, or friends of the President (Macri),” he said.

Finally, the head of the AFI spoke of the link with the Judicial Power, on which she emphasized a main point: the AFI as an auxiliary of Justice. “Fortunately, the President repealed that article,” the official celebrated. And it marked a new difference with Macrismo, which, according to him, in this topic was behind a “political objective of Macri for the Agency.” In fact, he lashed out: “The Macri government was a mafia group run by the state.”

“It was not something improvised. Those who think that Macri is nothing more than a tilingo, are wrong. This has been building for many years. Why do all the causes when they arrive at Comodoro PRO (in allusion to Comodoro Py) are stopped? Because it is what he put together when he was president of Boca ”, said Caamaño, and warned:“ As president of Boca he put Carlos Stornelli as head of security. All people who are in Comodoro PRO. He invited all the prosecutors who were from Boca to eat. And then he already generated a relationship, a friendship, which made that when he was president he could do what he wanted, ”the official closed.

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