"I believe in what my daughter says, that her father killed Fernando," said Nahir's mother.

With her eyes swelling from crying, Yamina Kroh testified for two and a half hours in the Fiscal Unit for Gender Violence, in Paraná, after her daughter, Nahir, pleaded not guilty and accused her father Marcelo Galarza of having killed Fernando Pastorizzo of two bullets on December 30, 2017 in Gualeguaychú.

“I believe in what my daughter Nahir says, that the one who killed Pastorizzo was her father,” she declared, accompanied by her lawyer Raquel Hermida Leyenda. When Nahir revealed her secret, her parents separated.

“I couldn’t take it anymore, I had been keeping quiet about this for four years and my body was about to explode,” argued the convicted young woman.

In addition to the fact that the Prosecutor’s Office dismissed the complaint because the fact had already been tried in different instances and it was necessary to wait for what the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation decides.

However, Hermida Leyenda managed to get Galarza to be given the perimetal restraint. “We are not asking for exclusion because Galarza has already left. And they also gave Yamina an anti-panic button, and Nahir will be given security in jail where he is serving a life sentence for a crime he did not commit, “the lawyer told Infobae. She was upset with court officials, one of whom praised her. “If you praise my actions, it is to compensate that they are not going to do anything. Here four blocks away they have a murderer who can kill again, ”he told them.

“That the complaint was dismissed was one of the possibilities. They do not say that the fact did not exist, but that they cannot investigate it. I am grateful that they have been so predictable, I did not expect anything else from a macho Justice like that of Entre Ríos. In any case, it is contradictory that they had not accepted the complaint against Galarza for Pastorizzo’s crime and at the same time ruled that Galarza cannot approach the family and an anti-panic button is already in the hands of his ex-wife, “said the criminal lawyer .

Nahir desperately asked him to go see her from Buenos Aires to Paraná because she feared for her life and that of her mother and brother. He also told him that he no longer wanted to see his father Marcelo Galarza. “Raquel, take care of my mother because almost all of my father’s family are policemen. And I know, on the one hand, that my dad is afraid of you ”; The young woman sentenced on July 3, 2008 to life for the crime of Pastorizzo told him.

“I suffered gender violence from my husband, but when Nahir happened things changed. I managed to impose myself. I believe my daughter, although this is all very hard for me, ”Yamina declared.

Despite the dismissal, Hermida Leyenda was not discouraged: “It could happen and we knew it. We needed this resolution as proof of the complaint filed as a new event in the Supreme Court of Justice. It is all that we were looking for procedurally ”, he declared.

While Marcelo Galarza is being held in a distant field in Entre Ríos, Nahir learned about the judicial news through his lawyer. “She wants everything to be resolved as soon as possible, but she understood the timing and judicial processes,” said her lawyer.

In relation to the complaint for sexual abuse against her paternal uncle, who according to Nahir abused her since she was a girl, the young woman would testify tomorrow by zoom. “I left the evidence so that the situation would be less difficult for her,” the lawyer clarified.

Source: Infobae

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