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Hartz 4: Job center letter brings mother to 180 – “Who pays for that?”

January 10th, 2022 at 10:59 pm

This is Hartz IV

This is Hartz IV

Since unemployment benefit II was introduced in 2005, it has been popularly known as Hartz IV. But where does the name come from?

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When she read this letter from the job center, a mother simply had to get rid of her frustration online.

The recipient of Hartz 4 feels “just ripped off”.

Hartz 4: A letter from the job center brings mother to white heat: “I just feel ripped off”

The costs for electricity and gas are skyrocketing, at the same time there was only a mini increase in the standard rate at the turn of the year 2022. Hartz 4 has been around three euros more since January. In this situation there is such a letter!


This is Hartz 4:

  • Hartz 4 is actually called unemployment benefit II (ALG II)
  • It has existed since January 1, 2005
  • It is the basic security benefit for employable beneficiaries according to Book Two of the Social Code
  • It is intended to enable beneficiaries to lead a dignified life
  • However, the benefit can be reduced by sanctions


The small increase in the standard rate does not cover the increase in energy prices! Of course, you also know that in the job centers. Two information sheets were sent to the woman, who now made her job center post public on Twitter.

Hartz 4: Job center letter causes anger – “It’s disgusting”

The job center explains how heating and electricity costs can be saved. “Just be grateful that the job center explains to me how I can save even better on heating and electricity costs if the rates are not adjusted to the rising energy costs,” says the Twitter user sarcastically.

For her, it’s not about the everyday information per se, but about the stigmatization: “The problem is not the tips, but that these were sent exclusively to one population group – namely those affected by poverty – and not to all households in Germany as part of a large-scale energy-saving campaign. “

Others also share their outrage in the comment section. Another Twitter user complains that this aggressive behavior is typical for job centers. The mother concerned agrees: “It’s disgusting. Also suggests: ‘If it’s not enough, it’s your own fault!’ Gas lighting at its best. “


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Saving tips for Hartz 4 recipients: “Who pays for that?”

The woman is also annoyed about another thing: Some of the savings tips are not implementable for her at all. For example, the information on energy-saving cookware with a “reinforced pot base”.

Your caustic comment on this point: “Yeah, well, who pays for that? Many people living in poverty have very cheap cookware. Nothing reinforced floor. “

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