Guns, hoods and threats in the assault on a house

The assaulted house, located at 9, between 70 and 71 / sebastián casali

A daring robbery yesterday was perpetrated by a gang of three armed and hooded criminals in a house located at 9 between 70 and 71.

According to police sources told this newspaper, the incident occurred in the early morning hours when the victims were resting.

The subjects took advantage of the fact that a window located on the upper floor had been left open and, after climbing, they sneaked into the home.

Stealthily, the thieves advanced through the house while the family slept. That is how they took the occupants by surprise and immediately neutralized any possibility of escape or request for help.

Using two pistols, a knife and threats, the intruders managed to take control of the house in a few seconds. It was in this context that one of the thieves, for example the one in charge, distributed roles to his henchmen.

One of those who carried a firearm remained guarding the victims. The rest were dedicated to going through everything in search of valuables.

For half an hour, the criminals rummaged through the family’s belongings, finding, among different items, the owner’s savings and various electronic devices.

The volume of loot they planned to take away grew even more when they realized that the vehicle that was parked in front of the house belonged to the owner’s son.

Thus, after taking the keys to the white Peugeot 208, the subjects took advantage of the little movement that there was at that time in the block and began to load what they had gathered without raising any suspicion.

In this way, the thieves not only escaped with the money and the devices that they had found in the search they had made around the house (cell phones and a notebook). They also loaded various appliances, including televisions, a stereo and even a coffee maker.

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