Eva, a mother from La Laguna: "I had to decide between paying the rent or feeding my children"

Eva Perdomo She is 46 years old and lives with her 81-year-old mother and three children, ages 8, 11 and 15, in Tejina. This lagoon has a eviction order for tomorrow. You owe more than 3,000 euros to the owner of the flat you live in.

Eva tells DIARIO DE AVISOS, visibly affected, that she has been dragging on this situation for some time. “When the COVID-19 pandemic was decreed, my mother fell ill and I stopped working as a sanitary, and since then it has been difficult for me to face the payment of the rent. It’s gotten out of hand. I tried to mediate with the owner and I had to ask the Canary Islands Government and the City Council for help ”.

The Consistory, from the area of ​​Social Affairs, confirms to this newspaper that all possible help has been provided, and that if the court does not paralyze the eviction order that was notified to it on December 17, it will provide a emergency housing help. In principle, in a house or in a pension, until a solution is found for her and her family. A resource with an initial duration of 10 days, but that is reviewed until an alternative is given.

It is a temporary remedy for which Eva is deeply grateful for not seeing herself on the street, but which has her “in a sea of ​​nerves”. He says that he imagines the face of his children and his mother, whom he has “adorned” the situation so that they do not suffer, at the moment in which they have to leave the house, and “the world falls on him.”


Eva’s mother has a heart operation and suffered cancer during the pandemic. At that moment, Eva also saw how this situation took its toll on her physical condition. She relates that her hands were infarcted and that she suffered an aneurysm that leaves her unconscious if she is subjected to a lot of stress.

“My fear is my children, because they are the most important thing to me. I don’t want my health to worsen and something to happen to me, because sometimes I feel a lot of pain in my chest and I fear for them, “says this lagoon, who assures that her wish is to stabilize and be able to work” whatever it takes “to get his family go ahead and “not live on aid all his life.”

Eva says that she has not refused to pay, nor to leave the house, that she understands that the house is not hers and that the owner has his rights, but “I have had to decide between paying the rent or feeding my children and my mother. I do not want help, I just want to be able to process a social rental to live peacefully, “he says.


When Eva worked, she faced 500 euros in rent and the costs of water and electricity. Since he was unemployed, two financial aids have entered his house: his mother’s widow’s pension, 420 euros, and his unemployment benefit, 450 euros, which ends in three months. He admits money that he gives only to feed his family, which “are in a growth stage and demand a lot at these ages.”

In addition, her ex-husband has not paid child support for “a long time” and “does not comply with the visitation regime.” Six months ago, he denounced him for psychological damage after threatening to take away his custody. “Children are my life and I cannot allow him to do this to me, it is very hard,” she says anguished.

Eva does not trust that the judge will stop the eviction despite, she says, that she has not asked for a postponement. “I just want a roof and stability to be able to work,” he says. While the time of eviction arrives, Eva claims to be living “one of the most complicated situations” of her life. From the City Council, they hope that the court will rethink the decision and recognize the vulnerability of this family. If it is not given, you will be offered the emergency housing resource and you will be proposed to enter the More Family for Housing program of the Government of the Canary Islands, which serves, globally, families who are in this situation until a solution is achieved .

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