Did you make up your mind to save for the New Year?  Meet the 'Challenge of the 14 weeks'

Is saving among your purposes of New Year? If so, the following ‘challenge’ It will help you to forge a routine that will help you to have that savings mattress that you have always wanted to feel calmer.

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Saving is a practice that requires discipline and the simplest way to become disciplined in something is through routine. If every day you wash your hands before eating or rinse your teeth before sleeping, then these are examples of actions that have become routine.

Saving can work the same way. For many people it is as easy as ensuring that their expenses are not greater than their income, and only a spreadsheet is enough to keep everything that goes in and out of your personal finances in order.

But if you think that you need an additional mechanism so that you do not forget to save, and this practice becomes routine, we present the ‘Challenge of the 14 weeks’.

With the ‘Challenge of 14 weeks’, the amount you save per week and the amount you get at the end of the process depends on each person. Here we present a formula that takes into account the ‘January slope’, so that you start with a modest amount and over time you increase your contributions to the piglet.

  • Week 1 – 300 pesos
  • Week 2 – 350 pesos
  • Week 3 – 400 pesos
  • Week 4 – 450 pesos
  • Week 5 – 500 pesos
  • Week 6 – 550 pesos
  • Week 7 – 600 pesos
  • Week 8 – 650 pesos
  • Week 9 – 700 pesos
  • Week 10 – 720 pesos
  • Week 11 – 740 pesos
  • Week 12 – 760 pesos
  • Week 13 – 780 pesos
  • Week 14 – 800 pesos

At the end of the challenge, you will have added 8,300 pesos.

Once the challenge is over, you can start over with 300 pesos in the first week, or increase your contribution. The idea is that you already have your savings routine well established.

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