Atento raises an ERE in Jaén for 150 workers

UGT in Jan denounces an ERE in the center that Atento has in the capital of the province that would affect, according to the information that the company has transferred to the union, 150 workers. Currently 160 employees of the half a thousand workers of the Jaen call center are in ERTE.

The secretary general of UGT-Jan, Manuel Salazar, has affirmed that this is “a very bad news for Jan“and he added that the company’s decision” is not understandable, “since” it has not suffered the onslaught of the coronavirus and has had an increase in the workforce in other provinces when, not abusing ERTE, they should have removed workers from that situation. “

Thus, he has pointed out that they are asking different administrations “to look with light at any movement aimed at the extinction of jobs”, since Jan “can’t afford a hit of this caliber, especially when there are no objective circumstances that come to support that this company makes such a traumatic decision “and that” we will have to see in what terms it is specified. “

Along the same lines, the president of the works committee, Jess Gallo, has assured that there is no cause or any reason to materialize these dismissals. “We do not understand that it is intended to lay off 150 workers since Jan when it is being hired by the same company in any other province“said Gallo.

Likewise, it has stated that some workers have been 14 years working and that Jan has been an “exemplary” platform. “There are workers who have been in ERTE for six months and we believe that they are the first to have taken out of that file in order to be able to relocate them,” Gallo said.

Francisco Reyes

Jan’s PSOE has met with union representatives and has shown their concern after learning that the Atento company has proposed a termination of employment regulation that would affect about 150 people in the center that the company has in Jan capital.

The general secretary, Francisco Reyes, has received UGT officials and members of his union section in this company with whom he has addressed the situation. “Once we know the conditions in which this ERE arises, from the PSOE we will see the lines of work to follow nowWe will adopt the initiatives that are appropriate in the sphere of those who have the powers, “he said.

Reyes has demanded that this process “be done with all guarantees, that if possible the consequences on employment are minimized and that the company take into account the situation in a territory like Jan“.” While the administrations are betting on employment, what cannot happen is that workers are being hired in other parts of Spain while contracts are terminated in the province of Jan, “Reyes said.

The socialist leader has stressed that “any termination of the contract is worrying and even more so if it affects 150 workers and families.” He pointed out that Atento is a company “that has been implemented in Jan for more than 15 years, which has had significant levels of employment in times of difficulty and in which the professionalism of the men and women who have worked there has been demonstrated. “

On ceded land

Atento was practically the only large company of those announced in 2006 by President Zapatero in the plan Assets Jan that was effectively implanted in the province. Since Jan has provided customer service for large telephone, insurance or electrical companies. The company’s facilities are built on ceded land by the Provincial Council within the enclosure of the Institucin Ferial de Jan.

The average workforce ranged from 500 to 600 workers. Months ago an ERTE was presented for 160 workers, which ends in mid-February. Now the company has raised with the unions its intention to fire 150.

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