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Salome’s behavior since the wedding is raising Louis’s suspicions. The young man has once again forced his wife to take a pregnancy test that Salomé has tricked thanks to Anaïs, but that is not all. Too found a bracelet in your locker that you think belongs to a man. So Louis makes a drastic decision: he installs a locator on Salomé’s cell phone, hoping to find out who she is cheating on just a week after getting married.

The situation becomes even more complicated when Louis takes it out on Maxime, who hears the revenge plans of Salomé’s husband trying to hide that he is the man she is looking for. Will the locator bring the whole truth to light?

For its part, Salomé continues to wonder what to do with the pregnancy. She knows that if she tells the truth, her husband will want a divorce and his whole life will be ruined, but she is also clear that if Maxime finds out, he will stay with her.

Maxime and Salomé, in ‘Elite Chefs’

After the appearance of Noémie’s bloody uniform, the entire institute points out Teyssier. Maxime and Enzo launch an investigation To try to find out what is behind the strange relationship between teacher and assistant and they find a mysterious person very close to Teyssier who does not want to give them information. It is clear that Maxime and Enzo are playing games because the teacher’s reaction leaves them in shock: Enzo’s sweatshirt appears hanging from a tree that says “guilty” written in red. Thanks to this move, everyone finds out about the secret relationship between Noémie and Enzo, which causes Anaïs to break up with him and now all accusative glances also point to the student.

The course has not started in the way you could imagine. Noémie’s disappearance seems to be headed for murder and now there are two suspects: Teyssier and Enzo. The teacher has made sure that the student does not do anything again that endangers his secret. “From now on you are mine. You’ll do what I say”, orders him. But will more anonymous messages be posted from Instagram pointing to Emmanuel? If you want to know what happens with the students and teachers of the Auguste Armand Institute, you have an appointment with ‘Elite Chefs’. Monday through Friday at 3:15 p.m., at Divinity.

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