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The Minister’s Continual Gaffes Alberto GarzonGaffes that seriously jeopardize the future of essential industrial sectors of the Spanish economy, home to hundreds of thousands of families, cannot be solved, for the umpteenth time, with another unchecking of the socialist part of the Government.

A Spanish minister cannot walk around the world sabotaging his own country. If Garzón’s words had been spoken by the British ambassador in Madrid, the Government would have presented a formal complaint and treated the matter for what it is: an attack of extraordinary gravity against a key sector of the Spanish economy.

No. The consumer minister did not speak to the British newspaper. The Guardian “in a personal capacity” because the British newspaper The Guardian the citizen Alberto Garzón doesn’t care. If Minister Garzón has been interviewed by the newspaper The Guardian has been in the capacity of Spanish minister and as an authorized voice of the Government as a whole.

Official statements

The statements of Minister Garzón are, therefore, official statements of the Spanish Executive. Those words, consequently, will be interpreted by any literate person who reads the interview, 100% correctly, as the official position of the Spanish Government. Including of course the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez.

And what that interview published in the newspaper says The Guardian is that the Spanish Government maintains, knowingly, that the meat that Spanish producers export to other countries It is of poor quality and comes from animals that are abused in polluting industrial farms.

Solving this outrage, motivated by the minister’s personal ideological obsessions, with a generic compliment to the Spanish livestock sector does not solve anything. There is an urgent need for the Government to forcefully and unambiguously disavow the words of the Minister of Consumer Affairs in the same environment in which he overturned his tricks.

Alberto Garzón has become a major threat to the Spanish economy. There is practically no essential sector that has not been watered with Garzón’s verborrheic napalm over the last two years: cattle ranchers, tourism, hospitality, advertising …

What has to happen, in short, so that the arsonist Garzón is once ceased from all his responsibilities? At what price are you being kept in a position for which you are clearly personally and professionally incapacitated and why?

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