Despite many problems, the residents of the Benz barracks in Mannheim always have happy moments. The fans of “Hartz and cordial – day after day Benz-Baracken” recently witnessed how Petra fell in love: What’s more, she moved into an apartment with her fiancé Heiko. The two had met while working on an Internet radio program. But the ex-Berliner Heiko was in bad health after three heart attacks and cancer. And so luck had no future. At the end of October, the episodes broadcast in the afternoon showed that Heiko was hospitalized and died there.

How Petra says goodbye to her loved one and how hard his death hits her is shown in the new episode “Hartz and cordial”, which RTLZWEI also dedicates to the late Dagmar.

Hartz and heartfelt: Petra also met financially

Petra actually wanted to see her Heiko, who was only 53 years old, again, but the undertaker advised against it. Instead, he wants to put pictures in the coffin for her, of Heiko’s dog and two photos of the couple, on which Petra had written a dedication: “You were the best person I was allowed to get to know. Through you I learned that love is beautiful . […] Wait for me until I come, then we will never be separated again. “

  • He wasn’t the first participant to die:

Social documentary – We had to say goodbye to these 6 “Hartz and cordial” participants

Even if Petra hopes to see Heiko again, the funeral will be difficult for her. Four days before the final farewell, she shows the children Selina and Pascal Heiko’s final resting place.

In addition to the grief, Petra now also has additional financial worries because of the funeral costs, which are not covered by the Basic Security Office. So Petra first has to do everything on her own, the funeral home costs 2100 euros, plus the fees for the grave – the Hartz IV recipient has to get by on just under 600 euros a month. She feels abandoned by the state and Heiko’s family.

“Hartz and cordial” runs on Tuesdays at 8.15 p.m. on RTLZWEI.

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A few weeks after Dagmar’s death, participants and broadcasters say goodbye to the popular “Hartz and cordial” participant. In the special edition that RTLZWEI is showing today, their relatives also have their say.

RTLZWEI – Dagmar’s children say goodbye in a “Hartz and cordial” special

It was only a few weeks ago that RTLZWEI had to announce that the protagonist Dagmar of the social documentary series “Hartz and cordially” had died. Now there has been another death among the participants, but this time not from Mannheim.

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