This Wednesday at 5 pm there will be a special appointment at Casa Rosada. The Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, will meet at the Bicentennial Museum with governors, businessmen and trade unionists to publicly explain, in detail, and with the presence of journalists, all the details of the negotiations that the Government is carrying out with the Monetary Fund International. The novelty, government sources commented to this newspaper, is that in the last hours the President Guzmán asked him to expand the meeting that at first was going to be only for governors. From the ruling party they point out that “the negotiations with the IMF are geopolitical negotiations with 190 countries of the world. Therefore, Argentina has to show itself united and with a clear understanding towards the outside to be able to renegotiate and refinance this immense debt that we have.” “We must all show ourselves aligned with the same strategy,” they explain.

Guzmán’s meeting with governors took place on December 27, the day that the provincial heads – except for the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta – attended Balcarce 50 to sign the 2021 fiscal pact together with the President and the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo de Pedro. There, Fernández confirmed that he would speak with Guzmán, so that on January 5 he would meet with them and give them the details of the agreement with the Fund. “It is a meeting that, initially, was convened with governors, but which was extended to unions and companies. That is, it is an expanded call that has the objective of achieving greater consensus at the national level,” they explained from the ruling party . The Minister of the Interior and the Chief of Cabinet, Juan Manzur, will also attend.

Regarding the objective of the meeting, the Government explained to this newspaper that it will be “for Minister Guzmán to present the progress in the negotiations, the details, what we are asking for, what we are not going to accept – a program adjustment – and that what is being sought is a new agreement that does not inhibit Argentina’s growth possibilities. That is what Guzmán is going to propose. ” However, they clarified that “it will be a presentation, but no definitions will come from there.”

In Casa Rosada they emphasize that the IMF has repeatedly stated that what is needed for the renegotiation are “internal agreements.” Along these lines, they detail that “we need the support of the governors.” In turn, they remember and put as a negative example the antecedent of the 2022 Budget, which was rejected by the opposition in Congress. “The legislators who respond to the different governors did not vote on the Budget and left the Government without that central tool. If when Minister Guzmán presents the multi-year plan in Congress, the opposition does not vote on it, the agreement with the Fund will be complicated. that is essential that the governors accompany, “they highlight.

It is still unknown if Rodríguez Larreta will attend on Wednesday. From the Government they report that he was invited, but from the GCBA they say no and that they are waiting for the details of the meeting to see if the Buenos Aires head of government participates. The role of the opposition is something that worries the ruling party and generates great criticism. From Balcarce 50 they predict that “if the internal competition of the different aspects of Together for Change is going to be resolved or settled according to who has more capacity to harm the Government, Argentines are going to have to prepare ourselves to experience ugly things” .

Wednesday’s, meanwhile, will not be the first meeting of this type held by Minister Guzmán. On December 1, he had already gone to the CGT to explain the details of the agreement with the Fund to the trade unionists. On that occasion, the minister, together with his peer from the Labor portfolio, Claudio Moroni, promised those present that “it is negotiating to be able to have a scheme of public policies that are ours and that allow Argentina to continue in the path of reassuring the economy and that when we are better we can face the debt with the IMF “.

From the CGT, after Guzmán’s visit, they confirmed that they would support the Government in the renegotiation and clarified that “there will be no reform or restriction on workers.” The objective of the Government for this Wednesday is to also obtain the approval of all the governors – opponents and government officials – so that they, in turn, convince their legislators to accompany the Government by voting on the multi-year plan. At the same time, they seek to add to the photo the support of businessmen. The Governor of Catamarca, Raúl Jallil, indicated in dialogue with Page 12 that he will attend the meeting to which “we are going with great expectations” and added that “it will be a great step if there is a good arrangement with the IMF that allows Argentina and the provinces to continue growing.”

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