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The survey carried out by SocioMétrica for EL ESPAÑOL allows us to study the feelings of Spaniards before 2022 by reason of sex, age and Autonomous Community of residence. All this yields a sample of conclusions among which stands out, for example, that the women they declare themselves more pessimistic than mens in regards to the new year.

The difference is not notable because the distance is few points, but it is repeated in all the questions asked to the respondents in this first installment. 57.4% of women believe that, politically, 2022 will be worse than 2021. This percentage, in the case of men, is reduced to 52.5%.

If the question is turned around, the same thing happens: only 19.4% of women say that next year’s policy will be better than outgoing. This figure increases slightly to 19.6% in the case of men.

In economic terms, the same thing happens. Almost 60% of women conceive that the economy will get worse in 2022 compared to 49.2% of men. If asked individually, the result is the same. More women (38.7%) believe that they will fare worse than men (37%).

However, as specified in this first installment, pessimism is extensible to both sexes, since more than half of Spaniards predict a worse 2022 in every way: economic and political. Also up to 63.4% say that the pandemic it will not remit in these 12 months.


Vox and Podemos are the two parties in which extremes of the political board. His position also shows through in the character of his voters, according to this poll. Supporters of Yolanda Diaz Y Ione Belarra they are much more optimistic than the average.

Regarding politics, 58.2% of those who supported Pablo Iglesias in the last general elections he believes that politics will get better. 77.8% think the same about the economy. This optimism is also repeated among the Socialists, but in a more moderate way.

Exactly the same happens in Vox, only in the opposite way. The voters of Abascal they are the most pessimistic. 83.2% believe that politics will get worse and 84% diagnose that the same will happen with the economy. It also happens in the PP, but these percentages do not exceed 80%.


Disaggregated by Autonomous Communities, the data do not offer too many differences, except for one. Remarkable. Catalonia appears as the land of optimists, as if things could not get worse.

If the comparison is braided, for example, with the two Castiles, the exception emerges. In La Mancha and León the percentages of pessimism about the economy and politics are around 60%. In Catalonia, much lower figures are collected. Those who believe that everything will get worse oscillate around 40%, ten points less.


3,000 interviews have been completed throughout Spain, proportional to the provincial censuses on territory, sex and age, through SocioMétrica’s own panel and the Gandia Integra management platform, between December 20 and 30, 2021.

The data have subsequently been weighted by employment status, educational level and vote recall in the 10-N elections. As it is a non-probability sampling, there is no sampling error, but convergence due to the equilibrium interaction, which is 97%. SocioMétrica is a partner of Insights + Analytics Spain, a business branch, a Data Science association that integrates Aneimo and Aedemo.

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